Sunday, August 12, 2012

too short a weekend

Aghhhh, it was just too short a weekend.  It flew by...way way way to quickly.  It was a nice weekend, nothing out of the ordinary...ran around with sis on Saturday, did a little junkin, found a few treasures, had lunch with sis and we laughed until we ached and then laughed some more.  Caught dinner and a movie with my honey and watched athletes win Olympic medals. Any way you look at it, it was lovely and that is why I didn't want it to end. So I write this post at 9:41 pm, before I get ready to pack up my laptop bag for work tomorrow, finish up laundry and then call it a night.

Not a lot to select from this Saturday's pick.  It happens and probably because everyone was out shopping for school clothes since we had a tax free weekend.  Still what I did find I was very pleased with.

 Found this lovely french 2/3 yard long print from 1894 called String of Pansies that was beautifully framed and mounted on a secondary frame background of pale yellow velvet.  Very 1950-1960s.  Normally, I would reframe this type of antique print so it was in a period frame, but this contemporary framework is first class and really showcases the print so I decided to leave it as is.

This is the second week I have found a pretty wool needlepoint and petite point picture.  Lovely needlework.

 A few pieces of antique Wedgwood soft paste from 1897-1901. 

A lovely set of the same antique Wedgwood of a deep saucer and double handled bowl for broth or tea.

Here is the find of the day.  Actually a pair of these marvelous engravings by Thomas Nast for Harper's Weekly. This one dated 1897 and beautifully framed. 

The second engraving is of Boss Tweed and dated 1870 also by Thomas Nast for Harper's.  Sorry about the photos for this post.  I forgot my camera and had to use my iphone.  

A pretty vintage, Newport Silver candelabra that unscrews at the top and becomes a single candlestick. 

Two antique silverplate serving ladles.  A lovely little gravy/sauce piece that is from an obscure silver manufacturer (Plymouth Silver Co) and a big, soup/punch ladle from William Rogers.  Both are highly decorative.

Pretty little antique plate with a transferware picture of Marie Antoinette.

 A pair of turn of the century cut crystal decanters.  They have a delightful shape with pretty toppers and look like an I Dream of Jeannie bottle.

The one bottle was wearing a pewter, Steiff sherry tag. I priced the Sherry tag separately and put it in my locked showcase.  This type of item tends to walk if you don't lock it up.

This was a find from last weekend when I visited the Flowery Branch Antiques Market. Beautiful, hand knitted/beaded late Victorian bag.

Found this at my local Goodwill for 88 cents. Love these pretty little things.

This was my big find at Flower Branch.  A huge and very heavy, silverplate over copper footed serving piece.  Late Victorian, it was filthy and black and filled with Civil War shot and a baseball sized cannon ball.  I offered the dealer $15.00 for it and they sold it to me because they didn't think it would clean up.

 It cleaned up beautifully and had 90% of the original silver.  Can you see the dent in it?  That is wear the Civil War cannonball sat for years accordingly to the dealer.  The ball fit in the dent beautifully and no matter how much I begged, they would not sell me the cannonball.

Hard to believe that school as already begun for our county and that always means fall is not far behind.  Gotta start planning for that seasonal transfer.  So, I'm calling it a night and wish blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch

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sassytrash said...

Awesome picks as always SP! (Supreme Picker) My computer (badly in need of replacement) doesn't show all the pictures, so I couldn't see the silver plate darn it! Fall IS in the air finally--ain't it great?