Sunday, January 27, 2013

Before & After -- Gone

Had two Before and After projects I worked on this weekend.  Found a sweet little end table a week ago and had this old oak cabinet with lots of drawers that I purchased about 5 years ago at a local antique store.  It was really beat up and covered with layers of oil base paint in ugly colors from a dark teal blue, orange and several shades of primary gray.  The cabinet was from a country hardware store or a garage.  Lots of "man type" make do's throughout, I just loved the look, the weight of it and the size. 

One of the drawers was broken and one  of the doors needed to be re-glued.  I was going to strip it but it had so many oil-based layers that I decided to just do a repaint.  Blues of the sea are always my favorites but this time I decided on a more subtle color, more of a french aqua.  Very pale in its color.  I had two shades mixed at my local Hope Depot.

Repairs made and the cabinet painted and then antiqued with a chocolate glaze. I love the way this turned out and almost kept it but it was time for it to live in a new home.

Love all of these tiny drawers and two shelf areas.  This really holds a lot of stuff and is perfect for the artisan or collector.

Used the same colors on the end table.

 How cool are these carpet samples?  The gradation of colors is lovely and I thought they would make great wall art.

 Found this lovely Art Nouveau compote with heavy repousse flowers along the rims.   Great quad plate with lots of silver. 

 Sweet set of stove top shakers from the 1940s.  When every housewife had shakers with salt, pepper and flour to prepare those gravies and sauces. 

  Picked this cutie up while meandering with my honey in the North Georgia mountains.  A drop bottom underwear "onesie" for a young boy.  Circa 1930s

As I drove home, this big, bowling ball head of a dog popped out to say hello at the red light.  He was such a happy baby that I had to take a pic from my iPhone.  Hope everyone has a lovely week and as I end this post, I just got a call from Queen of Hearts and my cabinet just sold.  Wow, I think that is the fastest I have ever sold a piece of furniture so I think my new color choice is a winner.   Let's see if the table I'm going to paint up next moves as fast.  Blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch


Robin Larkspur said...

Whoever got that cabinet is one lucky duck; wonderful job of re-hab on it and beautiful color.
I love that dog's face...he must have a name like "Rufus".

Faith said...

That is a very lovely
soft color, what a cool cabinet with all those nooks n crannies. It would be very cool to go around and collect items of beauty and have a little shoppe like you do, what fun.

Tanya said...

I hope the person who bought the cabinet loves it half as much as I do! SIGH...amazing find! My grandma had those shakers in her kitchen - SIGH. Best use of carpet samples I've ever seen...the Great Dane is pretty wonderful - such goofballs! Happy Monday - XOXO Tanya

My Vintage Heart said...

Wow, Dari...what a beauty of a cabinet!! Awesome detial inside & you did a lovely refinish!

Miss Kitty said...

Wow! That cabinet is really a "one-of-a-kind" with all of those cute drawers and shelves. Your paint job gave it a whole new lease on life and took it from grubby to collectible.