Friday, January 25, 2013

Sweet pics, sweet finds.

It has been a busy week between work, restocking my booths and the Grow Your Own Blog Party.  I have met new bloggers and said hello to old friends.  My giveaway is still going on with the winner announced on February 1st.  All you have to do is visit the Grow Your Own Blog Party link and leave a comment and you are entered in the drawing.

Using pretty frames from my local Goodwill, I fill them with digital reproductions of Victorian photos and valentines.  These are so popular over Halloween and Christmas that I wanted to do a valentine theme as well.  I have a low price point on them so they move very quickly.

How adorable are these little cupids?

Another sweet face.

I really like this frame, it is velvet in the softest shade of sage and it off sets this Valentine rather nicely.

Found some "sweet" pieces last weekend.  Heavy white and navy blue enamel colander is perfect for so many uses.  I like the wooden bird on a ball and thought it look sweet in the colander. 

I have found a few of these vintage Homer Laughlin mixing bowls in the very small sizes but never the one.  Love this pale aqua color.

 Found this nifty serving bowl for pasta with the aqua bowl.  Vintage, early 20th century Italian piece has great transfer ware pictures from the Barber of Seville.  What a great way to serve your best noodle dishes.

 This lovely antique, flow blue "Willow Pattern"  serving plate was found at my local Goodwill.  What I love about this piece is the wide floral band around the plate's edge.  There is a flake on the back and it is marked England.

 Pretty vintage cut lead crystal with ruby flashing covered dish and a medium size perfume decanter with cut crystal ball stopper.

 Don't find these often and they always sell when I do find them.  
The definitive souvenir from a trip across the border.  All wool serape from Mexico, circa  1950s.

 Wedgwood is always popular and this pretty little Chariots pin dish is a keeper.

 Picked this cool industrial chandelier at my local Goodwill as well. Love the cylindrical globes and the long, long black industrial plug in cord.

 A sweet, sweet little hand inlay wooden frame with the tiniest Scottie dog at the top holds a lovely vintage grandma and grandson photo inside.  Circa 1920s as grandma's Marcel wave is a giveaway.

 Are you as big of fan of Downton Abby as I am?  Love the costuming for this show and the saucy hats all of the men wear.  This bowler (derby) is a smaller size but perfect for the DA lover.

 Score!!! I was over the moon when I found this lovely pair of soft, kid leather high top shoes from the Victorian era. In like new condition and very wearable.  I rarely come across white so this is a great find.

 From my personal collection.  The hat that won the American West.  
Big, floppy brushed cashmere hat with sassy black ostrich feather is large enough for the biggest up swept do's worn by late Victorian and Edwardian women.  And it still kept the harsh suns rays off of her face while riding the Conestoga Wagons out west.

 I have a fondness for needlework and this antique hooked rug is terrific.  Love the double heart theme. The rug is faded but has a nice hue to it.  Some damage but still so highly collectible.

 Last, but not least, the last find at my local Goodwill this week was this fantastic vintage mohair boucle swing jacket with mink collar.  In excellent condition and very wearable.  

Hoping to find more treasure this weekend, get over my laryngitis and do a little spinning on my spinning wheel.  There never seems to be enough time in the day for all things that I want to do.  Blessings to you and those you love.


My Garden Diaries said...

You said it! There is never enough time! I hope you feel better and that you have a lovely weekend! Excellent finds as usual! So loving all those pieces!!!

Robin Larkspur said...

You always seem to score the most wonderful pieces at Goodwill; rarely do I find things like this. Really beautiful stuff!! Take care!

Di@Cottage-Wishes said...

Wow, great finds, I love those shoes, Wow Willow. You really have some great luck. Di@Cottage-wishes

Tanya said...

This blog is like an exquisite shop in downtown Denver from my working girl days (rephrase - secretarial). I used to pass their storefront every morning on my walk in from the parking lot - I swear they used to change out the window just to see me stop and stand there with my mouth open! Happy Saturday - BEAUTIFUL!!!! Tanya