Friday, January 11, 2013

Vintage Village Finds

Starting the weekend antique hunt a day early by making a stop to a favorite haunt, Vintage Village in Snellville, GA.  Not only do I see good friends but they bring in marvelous pieces.  I caught one of "the vintage hag's" photos of flow blue berry bowls on her facebook page and had to have them.  Don't you just love the way Facebook becomes a personal cyber shop?  

 While there, I found this pretty little wicker basket with a wood base.  Neat little curves to it and perfect for early spring blossoms.

How about a McCoy "hat trick"?  Three, sweet little flower pots in the palest shades of yellow and white and all marked McCoy.
 Now this is Sea Witch treasure...lovely big chunks of red coral.  I'm an easy mark for seashells and coral.  Okay, let me just say it, anything that comes from the sea.   These are the first red coral pieces that I have acquired so the Sea Witch is loving this find.

 Pretty little bon bon dish that has heavy silver plating and in lovely condition.

 Nice, vintage tapestry in a shabby frame. 

 Love this little late Victorian print of a boy and his baby sibling. Colors are brilliant and the piece is set in an antique frame.

 Love wireware and this pretty, vintage wire bowl is a winner.

 And finally, a lovely antique bridal veil crown.  Beautifully hand beaded and stiffened with was, this crown is still very wearable and collectible.

My honey and I will be spending Saturday antiquing as we work our way to a Sporting Clay gun club where my honey will shoot clays.  We will then spend the night at the Woodbridge Inn, Jasper, GA.  We stayed there back in October and had a lovely time so we are going back for another B&B weekend.  Blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch


Tanya said...

You score the BEST "stuff" - absolutely incredible finds...OK, I'm SO jealous! Happy Weekend - Tanya

Linda said...

Love everything- I collect flow blue so I especially loved the bowls! you always seem to find neat stuff!!
Hugs from me!