Sunday, October 18, 2015

Costumes and cache

It's that time of year when my living area looks like the work room of Project Runway. I have costumes in various stages of creation all over the place.  Three of my grandchildren love this holiday and "place their orders" a month ahead of the date.  So I am working on a Mulan gown, a steam punk warrior lady and a Star Wars scout trooper.  Had to put the fabric and sewing down on Saturday to make a treasure hunt run and then I needed to finish up a few Halloween pieces as well as most of what I brought in to my spaces has long sold.  
I won a box lot, from a summer auction, of vintage Florentine pictures that had long faded away and I thought they would make a great backdrop for Halloween images.  Really like the way they turned out and they are now in my spaces at the Buford Queen of Hearts.

Black cats and tombstones are delightful Halloween decor.

Victorian gal on her broom.

I have a soft spot for lithophanes.  Love the idea of seeing a pretty Geisha at the bottom of the cup.

Dragonware saki cup and saucer lithophane. 

 I've been eyeing this lovely, antique gravy boat for a few months now and finally gave in and acquired it.  Can't wait to serve gravy this holiday.

Lovely pair of etched crystal salt and pepper shakers with weighted sterling bases.

 Haven't seen one of these in years, pretty late Victorian jewelry box.  This will be in my Victorian space next weekend.

Pretty, Antique Northwood Opalescent footed bowl. Twig and branch design. EAPG. Circa 1906

Antique Northwood Opalescent fluted scrolls, EAPG creamer.  Klondyke pattern.  Circa 1901-03

Acquired a pair of engraved fern and leaf EAPG pieces.  Nice spooner.

Then a large EAPG pedestal compote also engraved in the same fern and leaf pattern.

Be still my heart, I so adore antique transferware and this lovely piece is a keeper.

This vintage fez was a summer auction win but I had packed it away and forgot about it.  While digging around for fabric I found it.  Brilliant rhinestones and the original case.

Love, American Style --- the cocktail glass that was popular in the 1960-70s.  Glass on a rope allowed you to free up your drink hand to manage an Hors d'oeuvre plate.  The perfect accessory for your Mad Men costume.

Now, back to costume construction, grandma-ma has her marching orders.  Blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch

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