Monday, October 12, 2015

Treasure hunting and a new pal.

Saturday surprised us with another full day of rain so I spent the day dodging drops and treasure hunting. 

 Before the rains hit, we had a lovely fall day on Friday and the top of my favorite tree in my subdivision was changing colors brilliantly.

 Found this lovely Victorian cabinet card album.  Leathers are in great shape and the locking clasp still works.  
 It had a few cabinet cards still in it and one tin type.  this is one of the small albums, about 4" x 6' x 2" and in marvelous condition.
 Lovely cut crystal vase.  One of the smaller ones, and throws rainbows everywhere.

 Gorgeous, whiteware Ironstone gravy/sauce server was a Vintage Village find.  So nice to find one with the original ironstone ladle.  Still trying to talk myself out of it as I already have two in my personal collection.  Still, this is such a lovely set that it may need to be used this season before I decide to bring it to my Victorian space.
 A thrift store find, pretty hand painted Victorian dresser tray. 

 Pretty set of four, cut crystal cordial glasses.  
Zipper cut stems, these were a thrift store find too.

 It was a Saturday for finding antique glassware.  Came across this set of juice glasses and small wines at another thrift store.  Lovely hand etched pieces and chip free.

 Six wine stems as well and in fantastic condition.

Just look at the face on this sweet little rabbit.   Vintage Kaiser, West Germany, porcelain brown rabbit figurine, Kaiser was known for their quality. Circa 1970s.   

Why not a SPAM clock for the kitchen?  Actual SPAM can converted into a clock is American kitsch at its best.

 I love vintage and antique bells.  Love the feel, the weight and the different peals they make.  Each has a sound like a fingerprint.  This marvelous shop bell was a Vintage Village find and has that great shop bell sound.

 This early Carnival glass bowl has a gorgeous lustre and even though it has a major break to it, the last owner had the edge smoothed.  I get it, I adore pieces that are perfect as much as the next person, but I welcome into my collections pieces that are not perfect, a break here, a flake there, they still retain their beauty in my eyes.

Pretty little Victorian, cut crystal and etched tooth pick holder.  Another rainbow thrower.

Now, hands down, the best item I found this weekend was at Vintage Village.  When I saw this life size skeleton and the price tag on it, I had to fight the voices in my head to decide what to do with it first.

Put it in the passenger side of the Honda, I said.  Slide a pair of shades on it and let's do a little driving.  OMG, what fun, people taking photos, kids pointing at it, construction workers waving, I'm getting so much mileage out of this.  In fact, he is now sitting in my office cube making copies, sending texts, and attending conference calls.  

So hoping everyone has a wonderful week and blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch.

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Tanya said...

Too funny, Dari - yours is the second blog I've just read where a skeleton in the passenger seat was a part of the post! Love all your finds...I too, love old photos - in fact, I've had to stop myself from buying. They are the first thing I pick up in an antique store, for some reason - I always feel sad that there is no one left from the family that cares enough to own them. OK, and the Spam clock is hysterical! Kitsch at it's finest, for sure! Happy Tuesday - that's a might cute little pup on the side, too! XOXO