Monday, May 17, 2010

Busy weekend and its its its

my birthday today!!!  We will get back to that later. Had a busy weekend starting on Friday when I finally got around to changing my work email address to reflect my married name.  If I had known it was going to take 48 hours for this to happen and dealing with the encrypting of data process I would have just kept my old one. Since Friday afternoon, I have not been able to access my work email and I'm having huge HUGE withdrawals. So in between my need to see if my new login worked I did a little antiquing and then pricing and finally hauling it all over to the shop.

Not much in the way of treasures this time out.  Some linens which I am now cleaning and bleaching; a nifty piece of EAPG that had turned sun purple...I'm keeping that piece as I adore EAPG; cool, bright yellow vintage birdcage that I filled with white pillar candles and will make a wonderful table centerpiece for a patio or deck; and a vintage covered candy dish of pressed glass.  So pickin's were lean but it gave me the opportunity to prepare my space for Memorial Day. Brought in the chairs and the mirror I found last weekend too and now my booth is maxed out.

Had more Americana but by the time I finished, customers had already carried off half of it.  So much of it is now gone.  Yea!

Closer look at the nifty yellow bird cage.  I think this would be neat to have on your patio or deck table.  Candles inside flickering at night will have such a pretty look.

It was my plan to hang the large mirror on the wall above the antique settee.  I removed all pictures and got ready to sink toggles to hold it in place and decided to leave it where people could look at it closely.  So I had to rearrange the pics I had taken down and return them to the wall.

Pictures back up and some red star sales throughout.

The faded blue beach chairs are filled with summer items. See the shabby capitol dome?  It is actually a birdhouse.  How fun is that?  Retro ice bucket is rattan with bamboo handle.

Notice the oil painting of the girl, a flower and rainbow?  This was an unusual little find.  Measures about 6 inches by 14 inches and cut from a larger, vintage canvas board.  The artist has painted a series of small stories on the single canvas and then on the back has shellacked a pair of natural butterfly wings.  These odd little items always attract me.

Moved this wonderful piece of Italian art glass that I found at Goodwill earlier this year.  Rich, cobalt blue with copper throughout, it is heavy and substantial piece of art glass. 
A lovely piece looking for the right home.

So now, "happy birthday to me"!  56 years ago, Paul and Shirley welcomed their first child, a daughter, into their lives.  This "May" baby has loved every minute of those 56 years and even with some of the not so good that life tossed my way, I wouldn't have changed a thing...well maybe if I was thinner. Nah.  I enjoyed those marvelous meals at home and out way to much to want to give them up too. 

So this Sea Witch will  hit the pool after work tonight and swim and be thankful for these 56 years.  
So  grab a seashell cupcake and have a lovely day.   Blessings to all.  Sea Witch


Tristan Robin said...

Happy Happy Happy!

betsy said...

Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!!

sassytrash said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope it's wonderful! (You are really brave to tell the world your age--I've become too vain, or just too freakin' old to do that!)
The booth looks awesome! I love the yellow birdcage!

just call me jo said...

Wish I lived where I could visit your booth(shop). Love the yellow birdcage. Have a great day on this the day of your birth.

piggy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You booth looks great and i'm glad to see that your son is home as well. Looking foward to seeing you soon. Hogs & Kisses


Happy birthday to you! And thank you for sharing the photos of your fabulous booth! ~ Angela

Doris Sturm said...

Happy Birthday and many happy returns! May you have an especially wonderful day today!

Kathleen said...

I love everything in your booth. Good thing for my pocketbook that I don't live close to you. But how fun it would be to grab a coffee and do some shopping!

Happy Birthday Sweetie! Hope it's the best ever! Hugs Kathleeen

Madame DeFarge said...

Happy birthday, hope you had a lovely day. Love the photos. That's my kind of stuff.

Glamoursurf said...

Happy Birthday beautiful lady! Your booth space is adorable!

Debby said...

Your booth looks awesome. Happy Belated Birthday.

Unknown said...

A little late - Happy Birthday! Your booth is stuffed with great bits and pieces.

AkasaWolfSong said...

I'm new over here but was perusing your antique booth spot...I love the pic hanging in the upper right corner of the woman in the robe? How much for that? I'd love to have it! If you can hop on over to my blog and leave a message for me?

Thanks a million if you are able to do so! If not I love your booth anyway and I'd be in seventh heaven there! :) You have a wonderful blog!

seanymph said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Ive been just popping in and out for my mail and stuff like that the last few wks. Ive had a few health issues and a trip to my grandchilds HS graduation so I wasnt around. But I understand the 50s are the new 40s so we look goooooooooood my friend :)