Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Unexpected surprise.

I adore the unexpected, the "swag" of life...things you never saw coming and there they are.  They just show up at your door or in this case, in my email box.    Ann, from Green Oak Antiques, a blog that I follow for its insight into the antique selling world (and has a marvelous post about what works in a show vs a shop) acquired a new printshop program and packaged with the graphics was this delightful jpg of a mermaid kingdom.  Sweet Ann thought of "the sea witch" and forwarded it on to me for my enjoyment.

Ann's thoughtfulness to send this to me is why I adore the blogging community.  We check our favorite blog sites daily looking for those words and images shared by really strangers in the purest sense but no, these are not strangers.  These are friends, buddies, personalities with a common or perhaps an uncommon thread that attract us to each other like bees to honey.  Before we realize it, we have become a community, we have developed friendships and we think of each other...and the community begins to feel more like family.
If you have received something unexpected from a blogger, please share it with a comment.  I suspect that we each have a story to share.

Now, I am often asked where I come across many of my unique mermaid images and although I have no specific source other then the internet and from blog friends like Green Oak Antiques, I thought I would share a few images that I have not utilized on my posts yet. 

Just came across this neat black and white image. Love that she has a shell to her ear.

Everyone's favorite movie mermaid from Splash!

Mermaid and Sailor

Postcard from the weeki wachee mermaid show 1950s

This image is found on a toilet lid no less. 

Love this image of the two mermaids (sirens of the seas) calling the ships to them.
 Thank you Ann for being the inspriation for this post.
Blessings and joy to everyone.  Sea Witch


sassytrash said...

I love the mermaid kingdom graphic Ann sent you...what a sweet thing! I enjoyed your mermaid pics--I grew up going to Weeki-Wachi so I love that one.
You are so right about our cyber-sisters...now that I am ready to start the "lovely" process of pumping my resume out to prospective employers (ugh), I fear I will lose my blog friends since my time will be so limited with a REAL job! It has been the most amazing experience to meet so many people this way--and their kindness is really humbling!

Jacque said...

Morning Witch,

That is a lovely surprise! Thanks for sharing it with us.

I hope you are having a great week.

just call me jo said...

I wanna be a mermaid. I bet I'd be a good one. I have a big tail already and can be scaly. You're right about the bonds that can form in the blogging world. I'm literally isolated in AZ because I know no one. Blogging keeps me sane (well, sort of.) Bloggy love...

Tristan Robin said...

love all the graphics - especially the sailor with the mermaid - looks like an illustration for a short story.

thanks for the article link - it was very interesting - I think the same thing goes for art as well as antiques.

Doris Sturm said...

Lovely mermaid images. I agree with you that our blogging buddies are our extended families and for some, our only families. There are a lot of lonely and isolated people in this world and being able to connect to another human being via the Internet is such a wonderful thing - yeah for blogging and blogging friends!

Kathleen said...

Hi Sea Witch...I didn't realize I had been gone so long. Spent some time catching up on your posts. I have made some wonderful and dear friends (like you) in the blogging world. I have learned a lot of things, gotten loads of wisdom, learned to stretch my creativity among some things. We are family! Hugs, Kathleen

Unknown said...

Hi-I had to come over when I read your comment to Deb at Dye-ing to be yours!!! You made me laugh at loud when you said you were spread too thin, but wished you were that thin!!! I love, love, love your blog. I too, am most at home when in or near water. I look forward to visiting more.
OH! I had a new blogging friend send me the most beautiful scarf in a gorgeous, vibrant color just for Valentine's Day. Just because. It made my whole year.

Unknown said...

What lovely pictures - the mermaid kingdom looks like a nice place. Thank you for the info about Green Oak Antiques.

cathycan said...

Love the mermaid images! Your blog is really interesting!
So happy to meet you through your comment on my blog. And thank you for that! I love hearing the opinions of all!Come by any time!

life in red shoes said...

Well hello! I come to you via my friend at acannthus. I so enjoyed your comment,you see, we work in the closest thing to Mexico this side of the border....hell.
You have a lovely spot here, I'll be visiting again soon:)

deb christensen said...

thanks for your comment - it's good to know we are all out here stretching ourselves! so true what you say about the friends we meet via blogging - the world really is full of kind and generous folks, and for an island dwelling person, blogging helps me meet them! my air force son just arrived in florida for his final 3 weeks of training before getting his orders. he called me when he got there to tell me 2 things: he was officially the furthest away from home he has ever been and; the beaches in florida are nothing like the beaches on kodiak. ha -i know he wasn't talking about the sand! he's also never seen a real live girl in a bikini before :) i thought the sea witch would also see the humor in that...

Javajune said...

I love your mermaid images, I think I was a mermaid in another life, hee hee. The blogging community is so wonderful and supportive. I can't tell you how many times someone has made my day by their kind words or supportive message, including you.
love to you, jj

Becca said...

Love the mermaid and the sailor link! My mom has some of the same art work in her home, so pretty!

paperbird said...

wonderful images- I always dreamed of being a mermaid when I was a little girl :)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I love all these wonderful and unique mermaid images Claudia. Mermaids are always so mysterious and alluring.

I was just telling some relatives yesterday about how many wonderful people I've met through blogging and all the interesting things I've learned and all the places I've "visited' through my blog. I found I won a fantastic opportunity today, so unexpectedly, on a favorite food blog that I faithfully read. I will be blogging about it in a few days ...I'm so excited!

♥ Pat