Thursday, May 13, 2010

I just couldn't resist!

Just when I thought my life couldn't be any crazier.  When I feel like I'm losing my mind because everything is moving faster around me then I can control...this vid is sent to me by a friend and suddenly, I realize all is right with my world.

On one hand, I gotta give props to the "Hoff" for actually standing by this absurd video but you have to admit, it is hilarious in the purity of its stupidity.  But then sis looks at me and says, "Hey, don't mess with the Hoff" which only produces uncontrollable giggles from both of us.  You must watch this to it's bitter end as it is so absurd.  Still, I have my questions.  Like, why is he wearing those goofy outfits and dancing like he has a hot coal in his underpants?  Why are those creepy little girl angels floating over head going nowhere?  Why does he insist upon floating over his motorcycle and pretend like he is hanging on for dear life?  See, I have my questions.

So do you have a video that sends you over the edge when you see it for its stupidity...don't hold it in, oh, please share it so we can all laugh with you.  Have a joyous day. Sea Witch


Anonymous said...

The proof that alcohol really does damage the mind...Thanks for sharing...

Kathleen said...

Thanks, Witch for your warm and caring words on my blog today. You are a sweetie. Hugs, Kathleen

betsy said...

Oh my, my, my! I tried but I just could not watch it to the very end. It was like a bad train wreck from the very beginning!


Doris Sturm said...

Oh, Boy! I never got into David Hasselhoff - even though I heard it said that "Germans Love David Hasselhoff"...oh, well...that was a while back because he's a lot older now - I never even knew he sang!

When I went to You Tube to watch the clip, one of the comments on the bottom said: "The government should torture inmates with that video" (he, he, he)

(Shhhhh - don't tell your sister!)

Tristan Robin said...

I used to think The Hoff was the biggest joke since Yanni.


I saw him on Broadway in "Jekyll and Hyde" - and believe it or not, he was AMAZING.

Now he's only 1/2 pathetic and a loser IMO.

Favorite bad video: "Physical" by Olivia Newton John (admittedly, an early attempt LOL)

Unknown said...

Ba hah ah aaha ha ha ha!!!! WHAT the ????? was that????? Oh, man that was too weird, but very, very funny. Thanks for the laugh!! Here is my fav:


Anonymous said...

Hi, we don't see him on tv anymore here in The Netherlands. His music is very popular in Germany. They love that kind of music there. Not in The Netherlands though. He hasn't been on tv here since the re-run of Baywatch ; )
Have a wonderful weekend.

Unknown said...

HA HAAAAA!!!! How have I not seen this before? Thanks for the laugh!

astheroshe said...


Petit Coterie said...

Too Funny!!!! Thanks for sharing!
xx, Michelle