Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's the little things

Yea, it really is the little things in life that make my life good.  A few months ago, one of the trees in my front yard came crashing down on my roof from a bad thunder and lightning storm.  Heartbroken to see this magnificent tree in pieces and was sorry to see that it had to be entirely removed.  So when the insurance adjuster came to look at the damage, it was discovered that the roof had hail damage and so we were covered for a new roof.  Talk about lemons into lemonade.

So on Friday, we had a new roof put on the house to replace the original and damaged roof from hail storms and the tree.  Great roof company who did a fantastic job and cleaned the entire yard as well.  So for the cost of a $500.00 deductible, we came ahead of the game and have a new roof on the house.  Picked out the shingle color and wouldn't you know the color this Sea Witch chose was "sandrift".

A pretty sand and blue grey shingle...yea you can say it.  Perfect for a sea witch.

Of course my "wily coyote" went just a little bit nutty with all of the noise on the roof and with the dozen men who were running all over the yard as well.  Finally had to shoo him into our bedroom closet to calm down. It's his favorite coyote den in the house.  Oh, but after the workmen left, he had all kinds of neat smells to check out.  Yup...the little things. 

Had a few nails pop out in the living room ceiling of which I will have to repair this week, but my broom is still hanging nicely and safely.

Neat story about this broom.  It was meant for me.  When I moved here from Flagstaff, AZ, I immediately found Vintage Village and began renting a booth there.  The booth in front of the check out counter had marvelous primitives of which I had often found myself purchasing.  One day, while working the floor, I walked past the booth and this broom literally jumped out and fell in front of my feet.  I picked it up and saw it was a wonderful 1930s handmade broom for a local mercantile. I put it back in its spot and walked away.  Later in the day, as I was bringing items for a customer to the counter, the broom jumped in front of me and fell at my feet for a second time.  Now the women at the counter were spooked and thought the broom must be haunted as this has never happened before.  They told me that broom has been in that booth for over 6 months and in the same spot.   I laughed and picked it up and put it back in the same place.  I said if this broom jumps out at me one more time, I will take it home.  I'm never one to refuse a guest.  By Adam's house cat, later that afternoon, the broom did just that.  I walked by the booth and the broom jumped in front of my feet again.  So, I picked it up, paid for it and took it to the car.  When I got home, I was going to put it in my kitchen but I had no empty corner for it.  I looked around and then realized that this broom really was meant to fly, so I hung it from my cathedral ceiling in my main room.  It has never been happier and when the heat or AC kicks on, it begins to move like it is waiting for a rider.  When my raviolis come to visit, they just love the fact that grandma-ma has a broom hanging from her ceiling.  Little things, it truly is the little things that make life wonderful. I wish wonderful things for you and all you love. Blessings to you.  Sea Witch


seanymph said...

OH yeaaaaa I would have bought it too. It was telling you that it wanted to go home with you. How could you refuse? :)

just call me jo said...

What a delightful tale. You know the wands in Harry Potterland choose their masters. Why shouldn't a broom choose it's mistress. Little things do mean a lot.

Crowing Moon said...

I love your story too. I would have brought it home as well and I love what just call me jo said. The broom did chose you! Someone wanted you to have it! Reminds me of my cat. I went into a pet shop 9 years ago to buy a ginger kitten.
They were all so cute and fluffy and there was one black kitten who kept coming up to the cage wanting a pat and pawing my fingers. She was cute too but not the ginger mogggy I was after. I told the shop assistant I wanted to handle the kittens so she opened the cage and they crouched in one corner but this one little black kitten came pouncing up and as soon as I held her she started purring. So I ended up taking her home instead of a ginger kitten. I've never had much luck with cats in the past they've run off or been hit by a car and one I had was mauled by a dog :( but Willow is still with us. And any other cat we've introduced to her since has died or we've had to get rid of because of her jealously except for Pugsly who we got a couple of years ago. They have their moments but are best friends. He's the only cat she has taken to in all her 9 years.

Beach House Living said...

Sorry about the old tree, yet nice about the new roof. I would have to bring our dogs to day care.

Funny story about that broom. Some things just work out that way.

Doris Sturm said...

We've had that happen before when a log came through the kitchen and landed right in front of the stove - thankfully it was midnight and nobody was in there cooking ...

That closet sounds like a pefect Coyote den - this way he can't see anything and calm down. When it thunders and lighting strikes, I would send my Gizzy in there, but he's so tiny, I just pick him up and cover his eyes ;-)

Love the story attached to your broom . Your post today reminds me of a quote by Robert Brault:

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I love the broom story. Thanks so much for stopping in and hope you are well too!

Pleasance  Faast said...

“Talk about lemons into lemonade.” – I know right! But the good news was, you were able to detect the other damage. With early detection, you had your roof repaired and replaced.