Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Market Day in Lawrenceville

It was a lovely Memorial Day weekend in spite of the constant thunder storms. After 3 days off, I'm just now getting back into the groove.  My intentions were to get this post up on Monday, but no such luck.  Finally came up for air and now I can share a little bit of market day in Lawrenceville.  Saturday morning through mid day was hot, sticky, muggy weather, but that did not stop the market day with antique dealers and local businesses in Lawrenceville.  

Lawrenceville is a pretty little southern town that has lots of local history but most notably known for the the shooting of Larry Flynt, Hustler magazine publisher.  The town has experienced a revival and the community has made efforts to retain its historical buildings wherever possible.  Wonderful local restaurants have since popped up, we have a local live theater and great little shops. Among these are Scotland Yard Antiques who sponsored the Market Day event.

Scotland Yard Antiques has lovely things and diverse dealers.  I can never go in without find a treasure.

The Lawrenceville County Courthouse.  Lovely Building.

Clock tower.

A breeze just happened to pick up and I was able to get a shot of Old Glory and our State Flag.

Water trough for horses built in 1873.

Small courtyard beckons to all to see the wares from antique dealers and local business's

This lovely fountain is a haven to the local birds and children.

My friend who owns My Vintage Heart was there and as always, she has such pretty displays and wonderful things.  I came to pick up the Art Nouveau vase.

Pretty dishes and tea pots from Scotland Yard.

Fashion jewelry, hair items and wallets from a local shop.

How pretty is this vanity?

These four chairs were priced to take away, but I actually fell in love with the pretty gold, straight back chair at the end. Not usually the type of thing I like but it had such a wonderful look to it.

Books, books, and more books.  I can spend hours going through old books.

Test tubes have so may uses. Fill them with dried flowers or fresh cut flowers, or vintage sequins and buttons and tie them off with a cork and ribbons.

Pretty outdoor items.

I hit the jackpot with these antique bottles.  I love the ones that collectors do not.  They are the ones that have a frosted, opalescent look to them.  Such lovely shades of sea aqua and perfect for groupings of three and five. This gentleman had hundreds to choose from and priced right.  I, unfortunately, misplaced his information.  If he is reading this, please send me your email address so I can post it.

The local "tea man" from Aristeacrafts Tea Shop.  Had lots of samples of freshly brewed loose teas.  Pretty tea pots for sale too.  They are located directly across from the visitors center.

I hope that Lawrenceville will have a few more of these Market Days.  It had wonderful dealers and booths, lots of items to shop for and a nice crowd.   Hope you also had a pleasant Memorial Day weekend.  Sea Witch


just call me jo said...

I want to go to Lawrenceville. How quaint and adorable. We never have antique fairs like that in AZ (that I know of any way.) Loved the post. Thanks.

Barb said...

Hi Sea Witch,
I am ready to move. I agree with Jo- nothing like that in AZ.
Your Memorial day post was lovely. I got a little teary. I am so glad your son is home now.

big hugs,

Doris Sturm said...

Visiting Lawrenceville is on my to-do list. I've heard about it on "Georgia Traveler" but never been.

I would have loved to stop at the teaman's place since I love to drink tea, all kinds of tea, hot or cold.

It sounds like you had a great time and I appreciate taking the virtual tour with you today :-)

All the best,
Doris :-)

sassytrash said...

Did they advertise the event? I never knew it about it! I have bought lots of blue bottles from the bottle guy, too. I wonder if Susan sold that old door in the edge of the photo--maybe I'll run by Vintage today....

Bettyann said...

looks like a place I would love to browse and buy sweet little goodies... thanks for sharing..

My Vintage Heart said...

Hi Dari...Was great to see you on Saturday. I hope you are enjoying your vase! We had a fun day & there is talk to do this on a monthly basis, so I'll let you know if that happens. Thanks for posting on our little market!!

Dawn Marie Howard said...

looks like sooo much fun! those bottles are adorable.

Anonymous said...

This is Keith the bottle guy. I just posted a lot of bottles on Atlanta Craigslist and have some more as well. Just do a search of my phone number 770-715-2419 and the ads should pop up.
Thanks, Keith