Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Treasure

Vacations are wonderful and the time away from the daily grind is always rejuvenating...but, and this is a big butt...getting back in the groove always seems to take as much time as spent away.  Finally got the laundry done,the suitcase emptied, the snorkel equipment cleaned, a trip to the grocery store and then three days at work and my chores are "mostly" done so I decided to reward myself with a quick trip to one of my favorite shops to see what I could find.  They always have rows of tables just outside their door but with the hotlanta sun beating down on the tables it was difficult to pick up  items without burning your hands.  Still, in spite of the oppressive heat, I still managed to find a few great pieces.  

This magnificent Eda Doench, employee of Bessie Pease Gutmann, Eyes of Youth print.  Original, pressed print, old bubble glass and original frame.  A rare print and I am just delighted by this find.

Closeup of this wonderful print.  Lovely girl with fox stole. Glorious face as she looks over her shoulder with a rich, red fox stole.  Wonderful.  The colors are amazing and one of the prettiest prints I have come across in a long time.
All photos enlarge when you click on them.

Everybody seems to love Jewel T or Autumn Leaf pattern pieces.  This popular Aladdin lamp teapot is always a collectors favorite, even with its missing lid and diffuser.  It will find a nice home for a collector out there.

Wonderful set of four, soft paste, transfer ware plates in excellent condition.   Like that these are a pretty green with a little gold lustre trim around the edge and as a medallion i the center.  Most of the soft-paste wares were made in the early nineteenth century and I love the feel of them.  They have a marvelous "sound" and "tooth" to them, they feel so different from hard paste or bone chinas which have more strength and shine to them.  Plates like this are usually pock marked with chips and cracks.  These have seen many dinners and family conversations.  Will be looking up the dates tonight.

Sweet piece of elegant depression glass.  Nice little bowl with lovely etchings.

I adore Early American Pressed Glass (EAPG) for its weight, its shapes and its unique patterns.  This footed compote also sports a hand etched pattern all around it.  Hard to see in this photo, the sun was going down an I had lost all my light.  Anyway, I may keep this for my personal collection.

Wonderful early Carnival Glass bowl in perfect condition.  Sweet, hand painted violet creamer and a one edged razor that has seen better days.

Some nifty little items.  Crazy about the hand forged compass.  I like these types of items.  Empty tin photo album, WW2 circa Christmas Carols booklet and a pair of bank books for mortgage payments from 1929.  Lovely Spencerian script and numbers.  Mortgage is $56.00 a month.  I hope she did not lose the home during the Great Depression..

And finally, a head vase from the 1950s.  

Cold paint lips, heart cameo and ribbon in her hair are still intact.  Not a common head vase so it will make a nice addition to some one's collection.

I had a wonderful treasure hunt and will price these tonight to take into the shop this weekend.  Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and great Father's Day as well. Sea Witch


Anonymous said...

Such wonderful pieces !!! I love the print too.
Have a wonderful day !!!

Joyce said...

I love those old head vases. Wish I had some too.

Kathleen said...

Once again, I am so jealous of your wonderful treasures. You sure have a keen eye for the best. Where did you get all your knowledge? Love the head vase, and the ledgers the best.
Hugs, Kathleen

Bettyann said...

Love all your fab finds..nothing like that up here..

In the Light of the Moon said...

Gosh I'm not really sure which one is my favorite.The print is really beautiful and that aladdin tea pot is really cool..and the head vase is really fun...hummmmm...Nope I cant decide.Warmest Regards,Cat

misselaineous said...

Love your finds!! The print is fabulous! Glad you had a good trip and made it home safely. I spent 5 days in Virginia trip...and I have decided I want to be a beach bum when I grow up! Sadly, my boss said she will not support me :O{ Need to find that once in a life time know like the ones on Antique Roadshow?? :O} Have a great Tuesday *elaine*

Beach House Living said...

I have not seen one of those head vases in a long time. I think most are sitting in beloved collections. Enjoy.

Unknown said...

What nifty finds! Thank you for stopping by my studio - Brownie enjoyed his trip to the stream, too!

Nancy Stohlman said...

The fox girl print is amazing--how would I possibly get permission to use it in a book project?