Monday, September 19, 2011

Halloween is here.

It was a wonderful Saturday spent with Sis as we hit a couple of my favorite haunts for treasure as well as the fabric stores for ravioli Halloween costume making.  Fall weather has hit the south and we had a lovely day in the 70s with cool breezes.  Perfect for a little junkin and shopping.

Found a few things at my haunts but got so busy prepping for my booths that I forgot to photograph them. I'm such a blonde at times.  So instead, I have some photos of my "getting ready for Halloween" booth plump ups.

A few posts back I mentioned I had a special use for a few of the remaining porcelain doll heads. Well here they are.  Nothing like floating heads with empty eyes that look smashing with a glow stick or votive candle lit behind them sitting in vintage pewter goblets.  Oh, yea...I'm digging this.  Welcome to my kind of Halloween.  MHHAAAAahhhhhhaawwwww!

Found a bunch of cheaply (okay, thrifty) priced brass candelabras at my local Goodwill so I spray painted them satin black and shabbied them up a bit.  Added grubby candles that don't quite sit neatly in the cups and now I have haunted candlelight.  (queue thunder clap in background) 

My favorite Victorian witch is back and I filled this vintage "Stairway to Heaven" with an antique ostrich feather, antique wax flower wedding headpiece, Victorian etched liquor bottle and other Victoriana.  Love the look.  I may have to go back and reprice this higher so if it doesn't sell, I won't mind.

Photo of the black marble table.  I'm going to fill this with more Halloween items next week.

 You can't see it well from this photo, but the bright glow from the table lamp was a weekend find.  Lovely antique gold on silver and white lamp with beautiful tone on tone stained glass shade.  It looks wonderful on the doll's heads table.

It's sweater season and this classic argyle from Mark Berman is as soft as cashmere.  Perfect for football games and a pretty mink collar for "Miss Sassy".  I had a nice fur hat for "Sassy" but it sold shortly after I put it on her.

Check out the nifty vintage Log Cabin Syrup bottles with the faux wood screw tops.  All from 1976 with Bicentennial impressions on each.  Behind the bottles is a fantastic Lefton "Hen on basket" set.  The only thing missing was the cookie jar lid so I filled it with fall flowers instead.  Bottles and hens were weekend finds.  I love a fall table, don't you?

A better shot of the completed table for fall and Halloween.  I can never, ever have enough deviled egg trays. They sell faster than I can ever find them. 

This huge hand made splint basket is what brought home all of those doll body parts a few months ago.  Now it is filled with giant faux gourds and pretty Primitive Black Cats.  I love the way the fall colors play off of the faded sea blue-green straightback chair.

I moved my white shelf to the back middle of the booth to open the booth up as I ready for holiday displays.  I wish I had more transferware to offer.  I have sold off most of what I have so I added vintage cake plates and moved the Precious Moments from the tea table to this shelf.    

Blue table moved to the right and filled with treasure.

 Photo of the other side and my nifty black cart.  I sell more stuff out of that cart.  I refilled it up again.  People love to root through things like this.

A cauldron cookie jar and a pumpkin head candy dish.  Works for me.

Okay, sometimes you just need a little weirdness at the table.  I have no idea what these two gals are, but they look like they just ran off of a bad Japanese monster "B"movie.  Can you imagine the family conversation at the Thanksgiving table when people ask why the two weird gals instead of the usual turkey S & P's?

Headed out to Hobby Lobby to find fabric to make fairy costumes for Kit Kat and Kells Bells. Didn't find what I was looking for, but had a marvelous time looking over the holiday decor. Sis and I love to talk to anyone who will listen and before I knew it we had made friends with a lovely woman named Barbara. So here is a shout out to Barbara and hope she used the 40% off coupon we passed on to her for something wonderful.

After the junkin and shopping, Sis and I needed a pick me up so off to our favorite coffee shop...Mozart's Bakery.  A marvelous, Korean run coffee shop that is artsy, quiet and has exquisite desserts.  I had my favorite...Chocolate Mirror.

Rich chocolate ganache cake laced with a spot of raspberry preserves and a hazelnut cream inside.  Enrobed in a rich but very thin layer of dark chocolate and then decorated with decadent designer chocolate bark with a fresh raspberry, pistachio and walnut meat on the top.  Oh, be still my heart. 

From Mozart's, we hauled over to JoAnn's Fabrics.  As you know, my Kit Kat is very specific about how her costumes are to be designed.  I scored with every fabric and embellishment I was looking for so it's costume creating time this week. 

Now you know why I am such a sucker for this child.  Look at that sweet face.  She was in her nightgown and was going through my luggage to see what clothes and shoes I had brought for my recent visit.  She liked the colors on this summer dress and asked if she could try it on. Of course you can and she giggled with delight and then put on my Cinderella shoes (they are clear and covered in clear sparkly glitter) and walked to the breakfast table that way.  Her mom and dad were rolling with laughter. 

Wishing you this kind of joy and blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch


Richard Cottrell said...

Your dolls are the bomb. I love the black marble table, if we were closer I would be tempted. Been awhile since I visited you and you me. Let's catch up. Richard from My Old Historic House.

audrey said...

WOW! You find the greatest things when you go junkin'!! your space looks BIG. It is so wonderful and filled with things to tempt anyone who stops by. I need to redo my space. I do that often, but even though I think there is a lot in it, when I look at yours mine seems sparce.
I love the things you've made for Halloween. And, I can't leave without saying what an absolute cutie your granddaughter is.
♥ audrey

Andrew said...

This really is the most wonderful of the year....
Those displays are awesome!

MJ Ornaments said...

So much fun, and what a darling little girl! Happy early Halloween! Martha

Unknown said...

The doll heads are totally creepy! I love the weird girls s&p - they would go well with the doll heads.

Robin Larkspur said...

OOOh, I love the cauldron cookie jar!!! and those covered hens! But the doll heads really creep me out!! (thanks to an old twilight zone episode!) Your booth looks amazing and I state again, wish you were up here in NY rather than way down south. Well, your ravioli is adorable, with her adorable face and curly hair!! You are truly blessed. Always love the peeks at your booths!

Birgit said...

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annie said...

Great stuff and I love how they are put together.
That is one darling little gir. She is a doll face and I love that dear little pose.
September has gone by too quickly. It just started!

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

Kit Kat looks so adorable playing dress-up! You are one lucky grandma! I love how you arrange everything so well for the holidays and really think about what looks good together. No wonder your things sell so well! That chocolate ganache cake looks seriously decadent and scrumptious. I would kill for one right now, lol!