Sunday, September 11, 2011

Junkin Saturday

It was a lovely weekend.  Kota, my sweet boy is recovering from his stroke nicely.  Amazing how these animals snap back from physical ailments.  He is moving well, but he now curls his paws when he sits down.  No pain, just stiffness and a drunken walk when he first moves.  We went for our Sunday bagel run and he was overjoyed to stick his head out the car window and bark at the passing cars.

My sweet boy.

Sis and I got together to run around on Saturday.  I was in NY the weekend before so it was good to hang out with my baby sister.  We gossip, have lunch and catch up on our lives and laugh like crazy at the silliest of things. We went to a few of our favorite haunts and I got lucky with a few finds.

Nifty little cast iron ice house wagon with draft house.  Not the turn of the century toy, but a nice reproduction from the 1970s.

Found two great antique school house teachers bells.  This #6 has a clear, loud tone and you immediately feel like you are being called from the school grounds and into the school room.  Circa 1880-90s.

A second, smaller bell was nickel plated. Another wonderful tone to it as well.  I just love these old school bells, they make me smile.

A beautiful and heavy crystal perfume decanter.  Nice size, about 8 inches high. A few knicks reduces the value greatly but it is just too pretty to toss away.  I have it priced to steal. LOL

Traditional spun steel, pewter look, eight candle chandelier.  These traditional pieces have clean lines and provide an elegance within any decor.

Vintage crucifix from the 1950s.  Nice size.
A pretty medium size footed EAPG cakeplate.  Pretty pressed designs. 
And now, for a marvelous find. Couldn't believe my luck when I saw this baby.
A big, industrial wheel rolling cart.  Deep, black and beautiful.  I fought between keeping it or selling it, but I relinquished to selling it. It is perfect for so many things from laundry, yarns or loaves of piping hot french bread, LOL.

Here is that faboosh cart in my booth filled with an antique bucket bunch, a straight back chair and an oval frame. 

 A pretty little antique transfer ware and gold lustre plate.

And now, for the best find of the day.  I was was walking to the check out counter to pay for all of the above treasures when I spied this magnificent Early American Pressed Glass  (EAPG) covered compote.
Exquisite.  This beauty is huge and 10 inches in diameter and has that lovely shade of pale sun purple.  You will scream outloud when I tell you I purchased this for $30.00.  YES, thirty the British say...I was godsmacked.  I must have it for my personal collection.  I adore EAPG and this is now my crown jewel.  I can't wait to fill it with antique Christmas ornarments or perhaps some homemade candies for the holidays.
Everything but this EAPG covered compote went into my booths.  Many of the Queen of Hearts booths have already begun to add fall and Halloween touches. I need to get started on my two booths redo next week and bring in a touch of fall and Halloween. Have a wonderful week all and blessings to you and those you love.


sonia said...

Sending positive energy to your doggie! I am a dog lover and your boy is gorgeous!

Robin Larkspur said...

I am relieved to read that your sweet good boy is doing better and in such good spirits! He is such a love. I adore reading about your various treasure hunting finds, and today's goodies are exceptional!! I know you will enjoy that beautiful covered EAPG special treasure.

DearHelenHartman said...

I am so wanting that cart. It will sell quickly.
Happy to hear your puppy is on the mend and sure he will continue to get better with all your loving care.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am sooooo green with envy. Love that covered compote. I love everything EAPG...and have a huge collection of cake stands and compotes....but that is the mother of them all.

I know exactly how you feel. I found an 1880 cut glass cake stand that was so blingy, I thought it can't be real. (meaning old). But I shelled out the $15 smakers anyway. Well, it is real and I have found only one other on line...already sold...and it was a $330+ score. But it will go to my grave with me.

I will be posting my new vintage glass rental biz on line soon, if you want to watch for my vintage blog, I think you will enjoy! It's making old glass fun again, for us old souls.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I posted that facebook page incorrectly.

It is www.facebook/southerncharmediblefavours

(I bake for events locally and rent my pile of vintage glass out for display.)