Monday, September 26, 2011

A lovely weekend.

The month of September is quickly coming to an end. So hard to believe that October is just around the corner.  Sis and I had a lovely Saturday visiting Vintage Village as they had a parking lot sale going on and lots of Halloween items for sale in the store.  Who can resist a parking lot sale on a beautiful Saturday so off we went to Snellville. Following a delicious lunch at Majong Chinese Restaurant of steamed pot stickers and crab rangoons covered in hot mustard we pulled into Vintage Village to do some shopping.  VV is a cozy shop with approximately 50 dealers and I can always find a treasure or two or three.

The front entrance of Vintage Village all tricked out for Halloween.  Don'tcha just love it?

I love the multi colored light bulbs and the glitter on the candles for this repurposed lamp. What fun.

VV dealers know how to display well with tiny elements.

Pretty fall stems.

Crazy about these Halloween lanterns.  Love the crow.

Scherenschnitte or paper cutting is always a pretty decorative item.

More Halloween at its best.

Two of my favorite dealers (Paul and Jeanine) they have such exquisite taste and are delightful people.  I could live in their booths.

They always have such lovely lighting pieces and at great prices.

Take a pretty glass container and fill with tone on tone flowers.  Lovely.

Game birds turkey and peasant always dress a holiday table well.

This is a new dealer at VV and she offers my favorites!  I adore American Primitive and I went a little Sea Witch mad in her booth.  See that pretty heart shapped sewing box to the left of this photo?  Well, it came home with me.  I know $45.00 may seem a lot for a sewing box, but this is a Victorian piece and in a rare shape ... the heart.  Inside it is a rich Victorian red lining.  I am over the moon with this piece and it is in my personal collection. I adore women's needlewook tools and have been collecting them for decades.  My collection is small but unique.

Quad still my heart.  This is why I came to VV today.  I had heard that dealers had a boatload of it and they did.  I walked away with a pretty pickle castor and a baby's cup.  Still have my eye on the teapot in this group.

I walked away with some neat items and Sis purchased home made apple cake from Miss Willie at the parking lot sale.

More black painted candlesticks and added the "cracked headlight" to my table of Halloween decor.  This is one of my favorite pieces as well.  I have a thing for doll heads in cups and bases...has an interesting creep factor to it. LOL  Reminds me of the design elements one would find in the old HBO series, Carnivale.  How I miss that show.

Added a few of my usual witchy photos to vintage frames.

Purchased this set of leather bound and marble papered books.  Classic tales and original, publishers deluxe binding from 1935.

Sold all of the black spray painted candlesticks/candelabras I had brought in last week so I had to find and paint a few more.  These have proven to be very popular this year.

A fantastic find.  Lovely tiffany style stained glass lamp and base.  Nice table size and the base lights up.

I love metal ornamental pieces and this piece is a marvelous depiction of an 18 century Woodland Tribe American Indian.

A smaller metal American Indian that is free standing.  I like the way it looks among the fall items.

Nothing like witches flying around on brooms with candle light behind them.  Ten minutes after I displayed this, it was sold.

A new hat for my gal.  Nice Mr. John, Jr. mohair hat with rhinestones and french jet glass beads.  Very 1960s.

Sold the stained glass lamp shortly after I set up this display so I added the Victorian print of the praying girls.  I think it is a neat compliment to the heads. LOL  While I was setting up this display, someone calls my name and I turn to see it is Barbara...the neat gal sis and I met at Hobby Lobby last week.  She came through Queen of Hearts for a little shopping and she saw me fluffing up my Victorian booth. I love the small world that we live in. 
This was a great day to be working in my booths as I seemed to sell items as quickly as I set up the displays. 

It was a wonderful weekend.  Beautiful weather...a fun day with sis...visited Vintage Village...found treasure...plumped up my booths.  Now its back to work until the next weekend.  Blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch


shirley said...

You certainly found a lot of beautiful treasures. There are some that would have wanted to go home with me too, particularly that Tiffany Lamp.

Unknown said...

What great finds and I love what you've done with your blog!

Jacque said...

Hi Witch!

Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse and leaving that sweet comment! I'm still around, mostly reading instead of posting! Life has hit me with a few blows that are taking me away from my blog time. That happens occasionally!

I love those heads! They do fit in perfectly with the Halloween theme!I also love your new blog design.

Have a wonderful productive week!

sonia said...

I want those doll head and cups!

Ana said...

Wow so much to see. So many wonderful treasures. Love all the Halloween decor. I wish there were more shops like that close to me...Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time.

Hugs and Kisses,