Friday, September 9, 2011

He's such a good boy.

I'm back dear bloggers/readers.  I was at West Point, NY visiting my son, his lovely wife and my raviolis...Kit Kat, Kells Bells and the Conman.  Had a blast with my grandchildren and a marvelous time in NY.  I get so homesick for the northeast when I visit.  Good food, beautiful countryside and "da king's english is spoke." LOL 

Was just settling back in when my honey called me at work to say that he thought Kota may have suffered a stroke. I came home to find that my dear, sweet and beloved Kota suffered a Geriatric Vestibular Syndrome (GVS) stroke. He is doing well and in no pain but feeling a little embarrassed about his drunken walk.

He is 15 years old and I cannot imagine life without this wonderful creature. I'm thankful that my honey was home to assist him. Kota was running to the door and barking at the salesman when his bark changed and he had difficultly walking. He was terribly embarrassed by the drunken walk he immediately had and tried hiding in our bedroom closet. 
Last winter's snow fall on our deck.  The coyote would come out in him when it snowed and he would howl and prance and hop in the snow with abandon.

Kota waiting for his puppy bagel at Einsteins bagel. 

He is doing much better this morning, but has difficulty drinking water as his neck is a little stiff.  His bark is a little off too. Sweet baby.  He can recover from the GVS but it takes up to three weeks.  He is an old guy of 15 years...a very long dogs life and especially for a coyote/dog hybrid mix.  He is the sweetest 4-legged I have ever had in my life and I have been emotionally preparing myself for when he crosses over these past few months, but this was so unexpected.    I'm not one of those who will prolong his life for my sake.  I will not allow him pain or discomfort, I will not allow him to exist for my sake.  He has been a faithful and loving companion and I will willingly allow him to cross over to his doggie heaven where he can eat unlimited treats, chase tree rats with abandon, hide beneath a butterfly bush and snooze on any bed he finds until I see him again.

  For now, he is happy, without pain and barking at the tree rats (squirrels) so we will continue as a pack.  He is such a good boy.  Blessings to you and those you love and especially all creatures great and small.  Sea Witch


sassytrash said...

I sure hope your sweet pup makes a full recovery! There's just nothing tougher than when our furry babies start to decline. (I had no idea dogs could have strokes) Hope he does better with every day!

audrey said...

How nice that you took a break and visited your loved ones in New York. Nothing like spending time with those you love.
Kota is such a beautiful dog. I am happy to hear he is doing better today. It's obvious how much you love him. I wish you and Kota happy times together while he is still able to enjoy his life here.
♥ audrey

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I hope Kota will be ok! I love the photo of him with the flower cute!

My son's dog and a friend's dog have both been very ill recently with thyroid disease. It is so sad to see beloved pets suffering