Thursday, October 8, 2009

Honest Scrap Award - Me Me Me

I am excited and so appreciative to have received my first blog award from Sandy and Joe at Rhubarb Reign . Rhubarb Reign is one of my favorite blog spots and one day, I hope to meet Sandy and Joe at one of their shows. Who knows, it could happen. Well on to the award, I have been bestowed with the Honest Scrap Award.

The Honest Scrap Award states that I must share 10 things about myself that not many people know, and then must select 7 other bloggers to be so honored. So here goes:

1. I have moved 19 times in my life. 17 of those relocations were part of a 29 year marriage to a DOD employee. I'm a natural born gypsy and am always looking forward to my next adventure.

2. I wore a pair of white hot pants under my high school graduation gown. Hey, it was 1972 and navy tights and white hot pants were all the rage.

3. My baby sister and I can get to laughing so hard that we become a quivering mass of shaking and cannot speak as we gulp for air. When we do speak, all we say, is "Stop, it hurts" and continue laughing.

4. I went skydiving at age 19 and was one of the first 10 women to jump out of plane at a southern jump school's location in 1973.

5. As a teenager, I wanted to be a backup dancer for Tina Turner. Hey, we all have our big dreams.

6. I lived in Taejon, South Korea for 3 and half years and took a weekly, Korean aerobics class. I was one of 3 other American women in a class of locals. It was hilarious and fun.

7. I belonged to a 4-H group in New Jersey; the name of our group was, The Eager Beavers...yes, that really was the name. We sewed tea towels and aprons enthusiastically in the 1960s.

8. As a little girl, I and some school buddies were rescued from a hurricane storm in a Mr. Softee truck. Mr. Softee let us eat ice cream all the way home.

9. I can still get into my wedding dress from long as I don't have to pull it up over my knees.

10. I am a crack shot with an air rifle and used to shoot the Christmas lights off the floating tree in our pond in Minnesota.

So enough about me and here are 7 blogs that I enjoy and follow and would like to know a little bit more about the posters so I bestow the Honest Scrap Award to:

Cute n Cool Blog Accessories - incredible backgrounds and thingies and all FREE for the taking.

1893 Victorian Farmhouse - love reading about this home's renovation

A New England Life - Gifted photographer, you will love her posts.

Appears no different from a galloping horse - how can you not love this blog name

Javajune's Blog - another talented and gifted photographer and woman who takes words and makes you soar.

A Whimsical Chick - a dear friend and antique buddy. She is new to blogging but her heart shouts through.

Ticklish from a Distance - recently discovered this blog, a sweet soul lives here.

So go and visit these blogs if you are not familiar with them. They will enrich your lives. Sea Witch


ticklishfromadistance said...

Cannot tell you how touched I am AND how hard I laughed about the hot pants. Loving your blog. Have a great weekend!!!!!

Ana said...

You are too funny. I love No.9 and No.2. It was very nice knowing a little bit more about you. Have a wonderful weekend.


Javajune said...

I so enjoyed every word- even laughed a little. Thank you so much for thinking of me, I'm so honored. I'll come up with something to share about myself next week. Have a great weekend!

Mrs. D said...

You always have such positive thoughts to share with others. I'm very proud of you. It is obvious your life is much more than dinner at 6:00 and in bed by 10:00. What a rich, wonderful life.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Congrats on your well deserved award! I liked reading new things about you and I admire your sense of adventure and fun!

All the blogs you named sound wonderful --I will enjoy exploring them!

FrenchBlue said...

YOU are always swimming in the positive direction my little sea creature~~
CONGRATULATIONS and many happy fish wishes!!

A New England Life said...

Hi Sea Witch! Thanks for chosing me for the Honest Scrap Award. I'll try to honor it soon.

Thats a pretty good list you have there. More exciting than mine would be! I'm definitely not one for moving around a lot. I'm more of a squatter. Oh how I wish I could still fit into my wedding dress!

ann at greenoak said...

love your list....what a fun sea witch you are....ann

Jacque said...

What an adverturous life for a sea witch! I love your list but my fave has to be the skydiving. The only way I would jump out of a plane was if I thought it was going to save my life--then, I'd have to think twice about it. I share your grief with the wedding dress..LOL

Have a great weekend!