Sunday, October 18, 2009

RavenWood Curio Shoppe, Jackson, NH

One of the marvelous things about traveling is finding that unique little shop which is so unexpected and within lies wondrous things. RavenWood Curio Shoppe in Jackson, NH, nestled next to the Jackson Fire Station, is just one of those gems. Jackson, a nice, cross country ski community and close to White Mountain ski slopes, is where RavenWood can be found. I passed this shop the evening before and it was ablaze with tiny lights which cast a lovely juxtaposition of light and shadows and I knew I had to come back to investigate the following day.

The courtyard is filled with garden art, sculptures, and wind chimes of all sizes. Nearly all are created by local artisans and for hand crafted pieces, the prices are more than fair.

Delightful rust patinaed sunflowers welcome you into the courtyard. These stood almost 6 feet tall.

So many suns, so hard to choose, but my personal favorite is the turquoise sun above.

Unique art glass and pottery abound.

What I love about RavenWood are the antiques that are found in nooks and crannies all nestled between artisan pieces. A lovely marriage of old and newly created.

These adorable metal bats hang from shelving units. I meant to purchase one of them before we left for our trip to Cathedral Ledge. I did find a wonderful gift for my sister here so I did not leave empty handed. Still, I wish I had grabbed one of those bats.
Fell in love with these unique coffee/tea cups. Dragon claws hold the cup and if you look inside, you will find a claw piercing the mug. So clever. My favorite mug is the turquoise one. Perfect for a Sea Witch.

Behold, the dragon's claw.

Lovely metal ware and a nice gong. See the pretty mermaid on the wall?

Such an unusual theme for a stain glass piece..birch trees frame the birch bark canoe. Lovely copper foiled piece.

These wind chimes have the sweetest sound and are all recycled bottle glass that has been through an acid bath to give them a sea glass finish.

I love these repurposed clocks made from vintage aluminum ice trays, found objects and yes, diskettes.
Look at this wonderful computer board clock. Such a clever and contemporary use of obsolete circuit boards.

Looking down from the second floor, so many wonderful things to see and purchase.

And one more delightful clock before I end this blog. How clever, a pretty carriage made of found objects becomes an extraordinary mantle clock.
I know I have placed a lot of photos in this posting, but the few that I have shown only give you a taste of this marvelous little shop. I know I will visit this lovely area again in the future, and will have to figure out how to bring home one of the large garden wind chimes I found all over the grounds. Thank you RavenWood for so freely allowing me to snap so many pictures of the many talented artisans work found within. Sea Witch


Thewhimsicalchick said...

Those were some wonderful shots. I would have spent a whole week in that store. Everything was so amazing.

Doris Sturm said...

Great pictures. I think the turquoise sun was my favorite too, because it seemed to have the most "personality" and those recycled clocks are fantastic! We need to find more ways to recycle plastic before we run out of room.

What an interesting shop. So much to see. I'm glad you pointed out the bats. I took a second look and indeed, they were very unique and appealing to me also.

I enjoyed this visit to RavenWood. Thanks!

Have a lovely evening,
Doris :-)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What a nice shop to visit! I like the turquoise sun too, and the stained glass. The claw hand mugs would be great for Halloween. I love the new header

Jacque said...

Morning Witch..I loved the recycled bottle glass chimes and the rustic Sunflower garden piece. They would have a place at the farmhouse for sure!

The pictures are great. Thanks for sharing

Shannon @ Silver Trappings said...

Thanks for the visit and sweet comments. It looks like your trip has been great. Love all the pretty fall colors.

Kathleen said...

Hello Sea Witch! Thank you for sharing the info and pics of this charming and delightful shop. I live in Maine, not all that far from the White Mts. of NH. Visiting there will be a great trip to plan for. I just adore the Dragon claw mugs. Love them! Hugs, Kathleen

EJ said...

Talk about eclectic mix of stuff! Great way to recycle bottles. They're very beautiful wind chime.

Anonymous said...

We purchase something from Ravenwood every time we are in NH. My husband drove all the way there one afternoon (3hours) and back (another 3 hours) just to purchase a Merlin Statue I had admired as a Christmas present. I love the architecture of the bulding. So whimsical!! Michelle D