Wednesday, October 28, 2009

White Shell Wednesday or a dress fit for a

Sea Captain's daughter, a mermaid or perhaps even a Sea Witch!

Part of the exhibit of "ladies" items at the Maritime Museum in Salem, MA. This sea shell encrusted dress looks like an offering straight from Project Runway and their found objects challenge. This seemingly size 14 beauty is encrusted with cowries, periwinkles and tiny clam shells all resembling bead work. I especially like the use of row after row of cowrie shells on the sleeves giving it the illusion of ruched silk. This really is the ultimate Sailor's Valentine and I can share that this "Sea Witch" was dying to try this on no matter what the weight of this dress felt like.

Have a lovely White Wednesday and just a reminder that we turn our clocks back this Sunday, November 1st.


Doris Sturm said...

Beautiful dress...thanks for the reminder!

Javajune said...

Wow, gorgeous! I can't imagine how heavy it must be. But wow what a dress. Thsi dress would be perfect for project runway- I'll volunteer to collect the shells!

Kathleen said...

Gorgeous...just so elegant. Must be pretty heavy though. Thanks for the reminder on the "fall back". Hugs, Kathleen

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Oh my gosh that is just incredible!! That is something I would love to see in person. Such an incredible piece of artwork.
bunny hugs,

Unknown said...

Well, that's quite a dress! It probably makes a nice sound when the wearer moves. I hope you're feeling lots better.

Jacque said...

WOW...that reminds me of something that Dolly Parton would wear! Quite the eye catcher. I can't imagine the hours it took to make that little jewel!

Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.