Saturday, October 17, 2009

"There is a harmony in autumn, a lustre in its sky -- Percy Bysshe Shelley

So much to share that it will take several blogs. This has been a wonderful trip with my honey. He has been taking me all around his boyhood haunts and some of his favorite locales. The following are photos taken around the White Mountains, New Hampshire and the lovely little community of North Conway, NH. Rather than put narrative under each photo, I thought I would let the colors speak for themselves. (not sure why the first 5 will not enlarge. The remaining photos do if you click on them...looks like I have more blog geek work to learn)

So much beauty in this country. We are truly blessed. Sea Witch


sassytrash said...

The colors of fall in your pics are so pretty!! Sounds like a wonderful trip!

misselaineous said...

OOhhh, how I miss those fall colors! I know what comes next, though, and that is the cold and the snow and the wind that chills "me bones". There is a reason I live in FL, rediscovered after 2 winters on Cape Cod in the 80's...BBrrRbRRBBrrrr! Have a fabulous trip *elaine*

Jacque said...

WOW...THOSE PICTURES ARE GORGEOUS! Looks like you saw and did some great things. I can't wait to see more beauty in nature. YES, they spoke for themselves!

Have a great day of "resting"???

Doris Sturm said...

Oh, so beautiful! I especially love the colorful foliage...can't wait for my trees outside to show off ;-)

I'm glad you're enjoying your trip together - that's what life is all about - making memories!