Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Incoming, Outgoing

Let's start with the incoming...the good stuff, the wonderful things that arrive via snail mail from blogger friends. Those marvelous souls you have met through blogs and they become part of your daily routine. You must visit their blogs, you cannot help yourself and you are a richer individual because of them.
I was a winner of a Catnip Studio giveaway, my first. (you must checkout her latest header in her sepia series. Delightful! http://catnipstudio.blogspot.com/) Well via snail mail, I received a lovely sepia toned, gift tag full of dimension with a sweet little tassel made by Cat Nip. I love it and I'm thinking of displaying in under glass like you would a butterfly specimen.

The giveaway did not stop with the lovely butterfly tag. No, inside a white envelope tied off with pretty turquoise eyelash yarn were three notecards selected perfectly for a Sea Witch. Rich blue tones of mermaids in their element. I haven't decided what to do with them yet, so many possibilities other than notecards. Thank you, Catnip Studio, for a lovely giveaway.

Now for outgoing! I finally got around to finishing the two "car seat" blankets for the twins. I utilized soft fleece with tiny stars on a field of maize. Then I selected a nice salmon pink in the softest chenille imaginable and then the same type of fabric in mint green. These new fabric chenille's are like velvet they are so soft. The car seat blankets along with other new baby items and big sister present were packed into two large boxes and shipped to Italy where my son, his lovely wife, big sister Kit Kat and the newest arrivals reside.

My to do list is still longer than I like it to be, so I'm slowly working on that right now. Have yet to get to my jewelry making and am still working on the second blog...dare I even say that I want it to go live this weekend? We shall see. Sea Witch


Ana said...

How lovely is that butterfly tag? Congratulations! Your giveaway gifts are awesome. And great job on the blankies. Sooo sweet. Oh and I didn't know you were working on another blog. Can't wait to visit it. Let us know as you as it's ready! Hope you have a wonderful day.


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

You won wonderful gifts Sea Witch!
The blankets for your grands look so warm and cozy and pretty.
I can't wait to see what you new blog will be about! Busy times are happy times!

FrenchBlue said...

How to know the Butterflies! OMG! What perfection is this??
Showing the best as always over here under the sea~~

Kathy-Catnip Studio said...

Dari, What a lovely post about How To Know The Butterflies, and an inspired idea for its display (I never think of such things)! Thank you.

The blankies are so sweetly colored and cozy; a treasured package to be sure.

Another blog? I am so there.

Jacque said...

Hey Witch...sounds like you get a few more hours out of the day than most people! How much sleep have you been getting lately--LOL!!

I do love the gifts you recieved from the giveaway! I know you will come up with some fantastic ideas for them.

Those blankets are very pretty and rightly so--they will be heirlooms for the new babies! I have seen that new chenille and it really is velvet soft.

I don't know how you will fit in another blog, but I can't wait to see it!!

Thanks for sharing