Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It came in the mail.

My honey said, there is a box on the counter for you. It came in the mail today. I wasn't expecting anything, but WAIT! Could it be, I think it may be....YES YES YES, my Pay It Forward from Ana of "A Petite Cottage (http://apetitecottage.blogspot.com/). I'm feeling like a Sea Witch at Christmas and can't wait to open the box, but I must grab my camera and take photos as this is part of the Pay It Forward rules.

A box with bubble wrapped items and a pink envelope.

A lovely note from Ana and she says, "That upon visiting and looking through your blog, it became very very clear that you love the sea." So it is with this in mind that she created the two wonderful items just for me!

A bubble wrapped package and pretty wrapped package. Which do I open first?

I decide to open the pretty wrapped package first and inside was a sweet door hanger that Ana had created just for me. My blog name and a seahorse in Caribbean waters blue and green. I adore Seahorses, Sea dragons and jellies (jelly fish) so this pretty little door hanger is a wonderful gift for a Sea Witch. I think I will bring it to our little sailboat in the Bahamas and put it on the berth door.

The gift every Sea Witch would adore. Ana had created a miniature cloche display of sea shells and seaweed. No more than 4 inches high and 3 inches wide, she has re purposed a vintage china saucer and inverted a glass rose bowl. Tricked out with a pretty crocheted base and top. I have nothing like this in my collection of shells so this is very dear to my heart. Thank you Ana for creating something special just for me that reflects my love for the sea. You are insightful and talented.

Now, if you would like to participate in the Pay It Forward Project, just leave a comment about this posting. The first three posters will be my next Pay It Forward recipients. Remember, you must have a blog so I can read postings to learn a little about you. This way I will know what to create just for you. Be sure to include your email address so I can contact you just before I am ready to ship your package. Upon receipt of your package post pics of what your received, add the Pay It Forward button below and wait for three comments and you too can be a part of the Pay It Forward project.

Just a glimpse of what I sent to one my recipients of my last Pay It Forward.

Have a wonderful day everyone and be kind to each other.
Sea Witch


Bettyann said...

ah so sweet of Ana..my bog site is langleygirl.blogspot.com

FrenchBlue said...

How very sweet and heart given from dear Ana~ You, Miss Sea Witchy deserve the jewels from the very pretty sea~

Anonymous said...

How sweet and thoughtful. I love the fact that you shared every step of the unveiling process. I can't imagine sailing in the Bahamas- it must be amazing! Hope your week is nothing but smooth sailing.

Jacque said...

Glad you got your 3 recipients...looks like the fun will still going on.....Ana made you some excellent things! I must go tell her that I saw them....

Have a good one,

Christine Edwards said...

What a neat concept, and what lovely gifts you received from Ana. They look absolutely perfect for you.

Ana said...

Hi Sea Witch,
I am so vert happy that you liked your gifts. Thank you so much for the lovely post and for making the Pay it Forward event a joyful one. Enjoy!

♥Ana~A Petite Cottage