Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Marching Orders from Italy

As I was strolling through one of my favorite antique malls, this past Sunday, I receive a call from my 4 year old granddaughter. She was calling me from her home in Vincenza, Italy to tell Grandma-ma that, and I quote, "Grandma-ma, you know I have been dreaming of a Jasmine princess gown in pink and purple."

Kaitlyn in her Snow White oufit with sweet little freckles across her nose.

How can you not laugh at this? A 4-year old is dreaming of a princess gown in pink and purple and knew that if she called grandma-ma in Georgia and shared that dream, then grandma-ma would run out and purchase princess fabric and whip up a gown. And that is exactly how it unfolded, but not before this conversational exchange. "Kaitlyn, since Jasmine is a harem princess, would you like grandma-ma to make princess harem pants and top and then a pretty princess skirt to wear over it?" "No, NO, grandma-ma. This must be a princess gown and it must be in princess colors. You know, pink and purple." (hey, I raised sons, what do I know of princess colors?) Okay, so I have rich, aqua blue colors in my head with gold and rhinestone accents, pastel veils abound with perhaps bells for her ankles.

NOPE, not gonna happen.

By crashing waves, she has been dreaming of a Jasmine princess gown in pink and purple and no matter what grandma-ma suggests, only pink and purple will fit her dream. So I folded like a cheap suit and told her that I would pick up pink and purple princess fabric and begin to create her princess gown. I looked at different Disney animation cells of Jasmine and finalized a sketch and now it is off to create...after all, I was handed my marching orders by my granddaughter. As my sister said, nothing like being given a Project Runway gown challenge by a 4 year old.

Of course, this love for costumes is shamelessly all my fault. I have designed and created costumes for my sons throughout their childhood and it only seemed natural to pick up the costume gauntlet with my granddaughter. This and about 200 vintage hats in my house and she was gonna be into costume and imagination play at a very early age as these picture show. Below are pictures of my granddaughter and a few of the costumes I have made for her. I think she looks adorable in my vintage hats too.

My grandma-ma dressed me like a Katydid for Halloween when I was 4 months old. Just because one of my many nicknames is little Katydid doesn't mean I should dress up like a bug.

A nice lilac and flowers church hat for me.

I come to stay with Grandma-ma and Grampy so mommy and daddy can have some time alone and all grandma-ma did was dress me up in her vintage hats. Although, I must say, this antique Edwardian hat is quite lovely.

I'm a mermaid princess and I have a real mermaid tail. I would make daddy carry me all around the house, to the supper table, to the bathroom and to my bed at night because a mermaid cannot walk with a tail.

I'm making a fishy face with my pretty head piece and blue hair extensions.

This was my favorite costume that grandma-ma made for me UNTIL...she made me...

a snow white princess dress. Mommy says that I squealed with delight when I received this princess costume. Grandma-ma even made a petticoat underneath just like Snow White. This is not a poison apple but mommy says I must take a nap after lunch anyway.

So, I'm knee deep in pink and purple fabric as I create a Jasmine princess gown for my sweet little ravioli. I will post pictures of her dressed as Jasmine when I receive them...the seamstress Sea Witch.


misselaineous said...

Oh...what sweet as can be pictures! You were an adorable child, and how lucky for you to have that special Grandma to dress you up in vintage Hats!! Stitch on "S-W"...your little ravioli is definitely worth miles of pink & purple. Have a great week *elaine*

Rebecca said...

Wow those costumes are amazing...love them. I used to sew for my kids costumes also... made some pretty time consuming ones lol but it is fun. Haven't gotten into the grandkids costumes yet tho. Have fun!

Jacque said...

Sounds like somebody likes to "spoil" their grand-daughter. What is going to happen when the twins get here? Grandma-ma will have to grow an extra set of hands!

She is a living doll and so precious in all her costumes too!