Wednesday, August 19, 2009

White Shell Wednesday

I'm loving this variation on White Wednesday.
Thank you, Anything Goes Here at, for starting this white shell Wednesday.

I have been collecting shells as long as early childhood days. My first memories are of the sea shore and bringing home bits of sea shore treasures such as sea glass, shells, bottles of sand and anything else that may have looked interesting. I still have boxes of shells (and fossils and arrowheads and assorted rocks and minerals) from my childhood and seem to be ever adding to them as an adult.

These gifts from the mother ocean have provided us with a legacy of both food, medicine and currency, but also the sacred. One of my favorite shells is the bivalve - Angel Wings.

One cannot deny the existence of God our Creator and his angels as He so lovingly bestowed their existence in the shape of this lowly little clam shell. Delicate and the purest of white, I have gathered angel wing shells from the sea shores in Sanibel Island and in the Carolina's.

Wishing everyone a gentle white shell Wednesday. Sea Witch


anythinggoeshere said...

Shells do make a beautiful post! This could be a blog party theme for you if you would want to take it on! Thanks for linking me up.

As a six year old I started collecting fossils in our limestone driveway, and moved on to "beach things" as soon as I was big enough to ride my bike to the beach.

FrenchBlue said...


Thank you~~

So Beautiful~~

So True~~


Anonymous said...

Hey mermaid sis!! I love shells to! hehe of coarse! Dont those just remind you of angels! Big hugs


Hey how much was that witches hat at that antique shop in one of your other post? I really want it! Could you let me know and ill send you the money for it! just email me

Kathleen said...

I have lived near the ocean many times in my life, and love just walking and collecting all the little gems the sea has to give up. Always fun. Hugs, Kathleen

Mermaids of the Lake said...

Incredibly beautiful. Thank you for sharing. They are perfect.