Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Italiano di pensiero (Italian thoughts)

Yes, I'm thinking, dreaming, feeling Italian at this moment. My lovely daughter in law, is expecting twins in early September and I am so wishing I could be there right now. So I found myself looking at photos I took of my visit to my son, his wonderful wife and my sweet granddaughter over Thanksgiving last year. They live in Vincenza (just outside Venice) in a lovely Italian stone home with surrounding olive groves. This was my first visit to Italy and I must share that of all of the places I have visited in this world, it was Italy that captured my heart. Extraordinary architecture, delightful people, words that cannot describe art and a marvelous clash of ancient and contemporary. I really didn't want to leave. So below are a small few of the hundreds of photos that I took while there.

The front entrance to their home. An unexpected snow storm laid a lovely blanket of white over everything and only the day before it was summer temps.

Snow covered persimmons in their yard. I love the brilliant orange against the field of black and white.

Looking down the olive lined path behind their house. It was magical.

The snow had just melted off the pink hydrangeas found in the Olympic Gardens in the Teatro Olimpico.

The Teatro Olimpico or Olympic Theater is one of my favorite stops in Vincenza. This theater, built above the dungeons of a ruined castle, was begun just six months before Andrea Palladio's death in 1580 and completed by his son, Silla Palladio, and the architect Vincenzo Scamozzi in 1585. It is the oldest surviving indoor theatre in Europe. The Olympic gardens are beautiful with marvelous sculptures everywhere.

This sculpture of the woman bearing loves of bread & persimmions in her apron makes me smile.

A perfect example of the clash of the ancient and the contemporary. I love the artistic layout of this old Vicenzin road and yes autos still drive over it.

This ancient fountain is found in Florence and is part of 5 cherubs that spill water into a trough for the cities horses. Now it is used for children to play in and birds to drink from.

...and the reason I came to Italy last year, to spend time with my granddaughter...my little 3-cheese ravioli as I call her. She knew that grandma-ma would arrive with a bag of tricks full of costumes made just for her of her favorite Disney characters. Here the little Tinker Bell is pretending to awake because if you truly believe in fairies than you clap your hands. Now I must plan play costumes for two more grandchildren...how much fun for me.


Barb said...

OMG- TWINS! How exciting for them and YOU.
Double the blessings.

Your pictures are stunning. You captured the soul of an incredible country.

I think Tinker Bell is predicting another visit.
I'm so thrilled for you.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I too am so loving the pic of the persimmons against the snow and the black and white just makes it pop. Wow, to go to Italy, what fun and then to see your babies (son included), no wonder your heart is there! I still call my boys my babies even though they are grown!

Jacque said...

I agree, that persimmon and snow pic is drop dead gorgeous...That sounded like a wonderful trip! Tinkerbell is precious! I hope that you will get back soon to see the TWINS!! How special is that!! Better start sewing those costumes in mass.

Thanks for sharing Italy and part of your family with us!

FrenchBlue said...

Another magical place~ A dream is real here with you!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Thank you for commenting on my Monday blog post --it is so nice to meet you! I added myself to your followers, as I love your blog.

Vincenza looks so beautiful in the snow! I love all your photos. Your grand daughter is so adorable and congratulations on the upcoming twins! How exciting!

I have visited Venice twice and it is my favorite city in the world .. such a magical place, isn't it?

Petit Coterie said...

Your blog is lovely, and I so enjoyed reading about your visit to Italy and your photos were beautiful. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your suggestions, I do hate it when I hit writers block. It is always wonderful to meet new blogging friends. Thank you again!

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

What beautiful, stunning pictures. Thank you for sharing!

maryboys said...

oh, oh, oh! such beautiful photos - what a beautiful place. (on second thought - this comment is starting to look and sound like something from a "dick and jane" reader...lol!) but i really mean it - thank you for posting these to share with us:)


Sandy and Joe/rhubarb reign said...

Wow -- what fabulous pictures. Sigh. I used to live in France, but have never been to Italy. Would love to go sometime. How nice to have family there! Thanks for your kind note on my blog. Please come and visit me again. I notice you have the 3/50 button on your sidebar. A great project! I should post that, too. Thanks for the reminder. xo