Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday Re Deux

I was updating the Vintage Village website and moving around different links when I did a revisit to one of the Village's most popular links on the website..."The Vintage Village Pet's Pick" page.

This page featured the pets of many of our talented and creative dealers. Pets are as much a part of our lives as our vintage treasures so we did a page full of if they could pick out something from Vintage Village to purchase, what would it be.

Just look at these sweet faces, how could anyone resist not following up on their decorating advice or antique choices?

Okay, you know you are just itching to see what these delightful 4-leggeds are suggesting you purchase from Vintage Village, so go ahead, click on the link above and see what these and other pets suggest for a decorative lifestyle.


Jacque said...

NOW THAT is TOO CUTE...I loved it! It is sure to bring lots of attention. Those babies know how to they learned from their masters.

It really is a cute idea Dari. You are very talented. I wish I knew how to set up web pages...I can't even figure out the simple things...LOL...

Looks like you are staying super busy!

stagingworks2009 said...

Musings..cute picture you posted here. They look so funny and I love to see them. Thanks. Check this out also Home Staging Photos

Javajune said...

Love the cutie pies. I'm sure their suggestions will be just perfect. I'll have to check them out. Happy friday!