Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blog Fits, FITZ and more Fits

Okay, if you have been stopping by you have seen some creative changes to my blog. Some good, some not so good. Still trying to fit a square background/header peg in a round blog template hole. For those who know me well, you are already laughing at my attempts to "personalize" my blog space.For those who don't, well then welcome to my "I'm gonna do it my way even if it kills me world." So, over the next few days as I try and correct spacing problems, font changes, margin issues and anything else that seems to pop up after I find the solution to one concern, please forgive me...or at least join me in seeing what other silly surprises appear. The frustrated Sea Witch.

1 comment:

Jacque said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by the farmhouse today and for the nice comment!! I see absolutely nothing wrong with your blog page...i like square pegs in round holes--sometimes they just FIT....keep up the good work, I LOVE your "siren" pics!!