Thursday, July 16, 2009

Majestic Sea Swap arrived...I'm a happy girl!

I'm writing this post as I sip the flavorful Mediterranean tea and wearing my "color of the sea" bracelet that Stefani, my Majestic Sea Swap partner made for me. This was my first blog swap (thank you Gypsy Mermaid and I must now declare that I am totally hooked. Oh, what wonderful treasures came my way from my swap partner in Germany. So as Julie Andrews sang, "Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start"... the bright yellow box arrives with foreign stamps and languages...I'm already grinning from ear to ear.
So I grab my take-out Chinese and plop myself on the living room floor and begin the opening. Kota, my coyote mix dog is manic with the new smells and he immediately shoves his wet nose into the box searching for hidden doggie treasure. He was so driven with the need to nose through the box that I had to pull him away because he was shifting everything before I could snap pics of what was inside.

A lovely shell postcard of a heart and friendly words from my new blog friend from Germany. Stefani has a passion for altered art and textiles and the first item I pulled out of my treasure box was a banner of felt sea horses, shells and coral that she had made. What fun and behind this was a small box of various sizes and colors seahorses for my use in altered art. I see mermaid tags being made this weekend.

But wait, there is so much more. It seems like the box is a bottomless pit because as I pull one item out, two more seem to appear. The heady scent of fresh lavender fills the air and I begin to pull pretty wrapped packages from this box.

Yes, lavender, my favorite scent and lovingly plucked from Stefani's yard. What a wonderful gift she has shared with me, from her home to mine. More goodies come forth...Italian tea, beach Kleenex with pretty shells and sea gulls, lovely scrapping paper the color of Caribbean reefs, a tiny match box filled with a bling covered, silver anchor pendent and shells...what fun!
Among this grouping of gifts is a small box and inside is a bracelet made especially for me by Stefani. It is a lovely piece and constructed from matt seaglass looking glass beads and paired with silver spacer beads all in the colors of the Bahamian reefs that my honey and I so love to snorkel, swim and dive through. I couldn't be happier with this lovely bracelet and Stefani's home grown lavender...but there is more!
I finally pull everything out of the box and unwrap all...a pretty hand towel embroidered with lavender flowers, a hand sewn, stuffed fabric seahorse that will hang from my Christmas tree with the date and the giver's name on it. I will enjoy bringing this out each holiday and hanging it from my tree. What wonderful memories of this treasure box it will bring each year. Pretty white porcelain shell repositories, perfect for hiding rings in. A lovely aqua blue glass vase with more shells and this arrived without breaking, I will never know and last but not least, a shabby cottage Willkommen sign. Stefani, this pretty little sign means more to me then you may realize. My family has always had the German welcome sign in our houses no matter where we transferred to. It was a gift given to my parents by friends they made in Germany back in the 1960s. My husband and I often will say to folks at our door, "Willkommen", Bienvenue, Welcome, Come on in" ... that famous line spoken by the late, great Madeline Kahn in Blazing Saddles. Now I have a German Willkommen sign just like my mom and dad did and from my new friend from Germany.
Had to immediately hang my "willkommen"sign up at my front door below my hanging shells. It looks lovely and can't wait for my honey to return from his camping trip. When he sees this he will be delighted!
So many wonderful things you have sent to me that I am overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness, creativity and generosity. I am so pleased you were my swap partner and I hope that you will enjoy what I have sent to you as well. Fondly, the Sea Witch.


Anonymous said...

Wasn´t it a fun Swap ? I enjoyed it much.
Thank you for being my partner, Dari!!!

Big hugs

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Such lovely things from Stefanie indeed...but this was am amazing theme dear Sea Witch. No treasure on earth is more mysterious than that witch:) comes from the seas... Thank you for sharing with us the bounty of a mermaid queen.