Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Things in my house.

Just for grins, I decided to snap a few photos of things in my house and post them on my blog. No rhyme or reason for what I took a picture of or why...just thought it would be fun.

So, I hope that you will grab your camera and do the same. Take random shots of things in your house, don't clean them, dust them, or rearrange them...share them in all of their "where they are sitting and what they look like" glory. Use the post title, "Things in my house" and then scurry back to this posting, leave a comment telling me to visit and I will.

Now, GO...snap pictures and post them. Sea Witch


FrenchBlue said...

Oh gosh... I think you are my sea sister! LOVE your blog. It truly is like swimming under sea! Thanks for saying hi and I look forward to coming back to swim with you!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Beautiful things in your home! Beautiful blog!
Take care, Laura

Shara said...

That little round black pot in you Native American colection - is that a Marie pot? I saw them on Antiques Roadshow and realized I had one in my pottery cololection. Sold a teeny one like yours - about as big as a golf ball for $300.00. Stop by and visit me sometime - I'm a collector and thrifter too.

Taylor Bara said...
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