Monday, July 27, 2009

Vintage Village - my favorite place to shop.

Shameless plug? Never! Just want to share with you all my favorite place to shop for all things vintage. Yes, I have a booth here. Yes, I adore the hags that run it and the more than 50 dealers we have there; all who are creative, talented and terrific people. Yes, I keep their website current...and YES...I shop there. A lot. I went in late Saturday afternoon to take new pictures for the website and as usual, I didn't make it to the back area where my booth is located...instead I was sidetracked by a lovely silver mesh purse from the turn of the century that "I needed." Grabbed that out of one of my favorite booths, My Vintage Heart, and started a pile at the front desk. And so it goes almost every weekend. I go in for pictures and I come out with treasure. With so many wonderful things inside Vintage Village it is easy to get sidetracked. After making updates to the Vintage Village website which included new slide shows, I decided I wanted to share some with you. (Which brings me to this posting.)

The Vintage Village website, chock full of all things Vintage Village; our events, pets picks, punch coupon, and lots of photos. ( New photo slide shows are uploaded about every two weeks. Click on the link to visit the cyber side of Vintage Village.

So many wonderful things to see that you just don't know where to turn first.

White, tone on tone is always a lovely theme and is an eye pleasing background palette for other items like the highly sought after flow blue pieces on the shelf unit.

Pretty crystal chandeliers abound in Vintage Village. If you are looking for one, this is the place to come as we have them in every size you could want. Sweet vintage christening dress, pretty cabbage rose bowls and plates and a cottage cupboard in a soft green patina are offered by My Vintage Heart.

Delightful vintage records in bright yellow or red and different size corks are terrific for your altered art pieces.

I am crazy about this vintage paper chest of drawers. My mom always had seasonal sweaters in these when I was growing up. Fantastic price at $32.00.

The famous "Black Cat" poster. Very French!

Sweet Victorian child and puppy painting in lovely vintage frame.

I hope you all have the opportunity to come visit the friendly dealers at Vintage Village. We adore meeting making new friends and saying hello and thank you to old ones.

Oh, and that silver mesh bag that I acquired like the shameless, vintage bag collecting hussy that I it is.


Jacque said...

I have never seen the slideshow, so I am off to take a look. I love the Chat Noir poster!

flowerdancer said...

Sea Witch! My Pay It Forward package is here! Wow, wow, wow, I am so blown away - everything is amazing - and there's so much - what were you thinking? lol My son is delighted that you included him, his eyes were round as saucers! Thank you so very much!

Everyone - photos and description of every wonderful tidbit at my site:

ALSO! The first three people to leave a comment will be recipients of my Pay It Forward packages - so hurry!!!

Anonymous said...

ooo wee love the dresser shipping?
I want everything beautiful blog..sea witch up north Hull,Mass.

Kathleen said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. It is so nice to meet you. We have a lot in common. We are about the same age, and I am a Taurus also. I love the sea, and have lived near it most of my life (except now). In 5 days I will be opening a booth at an antique mall...the photos you have posted gave me some very needed and wonderful ideas for my booth. I love vintage anything. Your dog is very handsome. I have a handsome cat. I also do a lot of paper crafts.....tags, cards and the like. I loved your post today. Hugs, Kathleen

Barb said...

O.k, I want that dresser (and many other things). What a great shop. I will definitely be visiting it.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I would go crazy in there. Love all things vintage and retro. I checked out the website- you did a wonderful job. BTW love the purse too.