Monday, July 6, 2009

Can I BE more blonde?

This foolish sea witch has been following a delightful blog called Enchanted Revelry for months now.

I have enjoyed the postings by Tristan and had even added Enchanted Revelry to my favorites list. Well, last week-- as I drilled deeper into Tristan's profile -- I realized that this wonderful blog is offered by a male blogger. I know, I know, you can say it...having ignored the piercing eyes of Tristan's photo and the obvious fact that this is a man for as many months...can I be more blonde...I don't think, so.

First things first, I changed my favorites header from "Where the Wild Women Are" to "Where the Wild Bloggers Are." (I know there are male bloggers out there, but they have been few and far between. So I followed the assumption that bloggers must be women as we are pre-disposed to find any venue to converse. I beg for your forgiveness for not recognizing you...and I assume you will accept my apology as men seem to like it when women beg.) I immediately shot off an email of mea culpa to Tristan and asked if I could make Enchanted Revelry a featured posting. Tristan very kindly invited me to swipe away photos and feature him in all his glory on my blog. Thank you Tristan for your understanding the subtle nuances of being blonde and for the use of your smashing quilt photos.

If you visit Enchanted Revelry, you cannot escape the sheer delight
Tristan offers through his blog.

Looking like a biker with tats and 'tude and with a joy for theater and wide friendships, this is a man for all seasons. Among his many talents, Tristan is passionate for color. He doesn't just revel in it, he exhausts its spectrum in his amazing quilts.

A juried quilt artist and a multiple exhibition prize winner, a visit to his website will only wet your appetite for these pieces. You gotta love the name of his website as well:

My favorite is this prize winner named "Real Men Don't Make Quilts". What fun and an amazing use of color with different traditional piecing patterns.

I adore traditional canvas work known as bargello...something about those visual optical illusions just delight me or maybe it is just my old hippie days that come to memory. Tristan must have been a mad man cutting all of those tiny, thin strips in an palette of colors and patterns to produce this series. Extraordinary.

Love the name - Wonky Log Cabin. Another traditional American technique that Tristan took on a roller coaster ride of color use.

Country Scrappy Stars - understated use of color married with traditional piecing techniques. Lovely.

How much fun is this memory quilt made to resemble a monopoly game board? It is full of photos and places that this family traveled to. Tristan will produce commissioned memory quilts geared especially to your wants and needs. Lots of joy and love in a quilt like this.

Now, Dusty does not quilt, but I'm sure Dusty has lots of input into what Tristan will do next. What a sweet baby. To view more pictures of the amazing quilts that Tristan produces and a look at his world, please visit his blog and website.

I've said it before, this bloggie world has been an adventure meeting so many talented "men" and women. I so enjoy reading about the lives everyone so willingly shares, to have a glimpse into the myriad of talents that you all have. Thank you for sharing so much of yourselves.


Tristan Robin said...

Wow! I'm so flattered by the kind words about my work!

You must have "dug deep" into my website to find some of those older pics! LOL

Dust and I thank you for the unexpected plug! ... and, as always, thanks for visiting both my blog and my website! ... and thanks for leaving the bread crumbs for me to find you here!

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan ♥

Lori said...

those quilts are amazing!!! thanks for sharing:)