Friday, July 31, 2009

Stop by and take a peek at my

latest header. After doing battle with my blog header design several weeks ago, I had decided that I would periodically change it out utilizing photographs I have taken of my sea world experienced first hand. I received many emails regarding the below photo featured in the posting, Things in my House" ( .
Macro shot of the lampshade made out of sea shells.
This is one of those marvelous "finds" that I came across at my local Goodwill store. It was tossed in the corner of the sporting goods section. I nearly squealed with delight when I saw it and unbelieveably, not one shell was broken. It now resides in my living area and is one of my favorite pieces when lit (other than my hubby...okay, bad joke, but it begged to be said).

Below is a macro shot of the shade with the light turned off. You can see the fine sand that was used over the grout to give it the appearence of a beach covered with shells.

I love the look of the lit macro shot as it played against my blog background colors that I thought it would make a wonderful blog header. So a little photoshop magic and my narrative copy now fits the new header color scheme and the Sea Witch blog has a new header...or at least until the winds of change blow in again. Have a safe and delightful weekend. Sea Witch

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seanymph said...

First, I just love that lamp too! Second I think Id like the lighter picture tho as your header. Its a bit hard to read your text but then it could just be my old eyes lol. But what a find that is. I would have bought it too. Heck I have an old tramp art lamp my gramma had made for me from popsicle sticks long ago. So that funky seashell lamp would fit right in here! You lucky mermaid you. :)