Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Seduced and Abandoned.

Yes, my husband of 48 days has left me to go camping with his 32 year old son in the majestic Grand Tetons so I'm feeling seduced and abandoned. Not really, I just like saying those words...hahahaha. My honey has retired for the third time in his life while this working mermaid still has a few years before I can do the same so I have willing sent him off to the incredible states of Wyoming and Utah to bask in the glory of our mother earth while I do the 8 - 5 gig.
No sour grapes for me because this will be time I can devote to things I have wanted to get caught up on like my blog space. Still trying to work out the format bugs and have actually come up with a different layout that I may test launch this week.
Also need to finalize my Pay It Forwards and ship out. These have been laying unfinished on my table now for a month and that is my first goal to complete this week.
Need to put wedding albums together for family and that means almost 1,000 photos to go through. The curse of digital cameras, you can take hundreds of shots easily but then you must root through them to find the ones you want to keep.
And last but not least, I want to make a few road trips for junkin/antiqu'in. As you can see, I have more plans than time...always seems to work out that way.

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Unknown said...

Ahh.. that bad husband of yours. I tell you, a girl's gotta keep her man in line. You're going to have a chick-flick marathon while he's gone though!