Sunday, January 3, 2010

All Christmas out of my booth

Greetings everyone. A week in Mexico is heaven, but the two days spent trying to get your life back in order before your return to work on Monday is hell.   So between the laundry, and the grocery shopping, the soaking of my dive gear (have to remove the salt or it can damage your gear), catching up on my blog reading and pulling what remaining Christmas items I had in my was a busy weekend. 

Dive gear soaking in water. 
Yes, that's my rubber shark in the tub...I kinda like it, go figure.

Moved a lot of stuff around in my booth and now have to fill in lots of empty space.  I will have to price this week and bring it in next.  With the temps in the teens in Georgia, I may need to wear that vintage red hat with the ear scarf.

Found some great R. Atkinson Fox prints in their original frames with bubble glass this weekend and brought them in too.  They always move well for me.

Country and Primitives always do well. I love the primitive look.

This pair of trays contain pressed orchid corsages from the 1950s.  This picture doesn't really do them justice.

I don't usually sell Mardi Gras items, but these gals were in a box of stuff that I picked up at a yard sale.  I added Mardi Gras beads to a pair of giant martini glasses and sat the girls in them.  I think they look adorable and would make a neat centerpiece for any Mardi Gras festivity.

Sweet antique oak desk with a pair of drawers.

I've got more Depression glass to bring in.  I think the green looks great in this corner cupboard.

Lovely pair of Limoges oyster plates.  Victorian era.

I start bringing in soft ice cream colors and lots of pink and red for Valentines Day. 

I came across this really neat vintage medicine cabinet painted pink and aqua.  Very 1950s.  I added retro print paper to the shelf areas and really like the look.

So, I have my work cut out for me but I always enjoy the prep for the shop.  Good news for those who have booths, the antique mall I'm in was packed today.  People were making purchases and they were making good sized ones.  We had lines of people waiting to check out so don't be afraid to put out your higher end items...that is what I have been selling over the past few months.  The under $10.00 pieces seem to remain in the booth, the higher dollar items are moving.  Have a great day everyone. Sea Witch


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

So glad you had a great trip but I know it is rough having to do it all when you return.
Came by to wish you a Happy New Year.
Also I love your shop pictures can I post some of them on my Temptation Mondays Post

Bettyann said...

Happy to have you back on terra firma..getting back these days seems to suck!! I'm off to my antique mall tomorrow..take care and may 2010 bring all your wishes..

Ana said...

Boy you have been busy! Your booth looks great and I am so happy it's been doing well. You have a lot of great items! Wishing you the very best for this new year and always.

Hugs and Kisses,

Jacque said...

Good Morning are busy!! I don't think you have slowed down since waaaaaaay before Thanksgiving!! Life is just too short not to seize the day--go for it!!

Your booth does look great and I know you will have lots of BUYERS. Wishing you much success for 2010!

alice said...

So glad the buyers are out in force. Your booth looks great.
smiles, alice