Saturday, January 9, 2010

El Poblano - Cancun, Mexico

It is so bitter cold here in Georgia that my honey and I started wishing we were back in Cancun where it is warm and sunny.  The conversation naturally turned to good food and I remembered I wanted to share with you our meal at El Poblano.  This is a restaurant were the locals come to eat.  With all of the staff working there on New Year's Eve, only one woman spoke a smattering of english.  We knew that we found a great restaurant if that were the case.  Additionally, the large spit of meat that was in the front of the restaurant was the second tip off.  As this was New Year's Eve, all of the drinks were two for one.  So double beers for my honey and I had a Margarita for each hand.  Let the games begin!

Front of the restaurant proclaiming it is a "taqueria" or a taco restaurant.

Do you see the giant spit of pork in the front of the restaurant? This would turn slowly and continue to grill and savor.  It is from this spit that my honey's tacos were filled.  Let me also mention the delicious, hand prepared flour tortillas that were to die for.

Pico de Gallo, green chili sauce and red chili sauce is at every table along with their hot, prepared tortilla chips from fresh corn tortillas.

I ordered something called Bistek  It was a large, homemade roll (to die for) filled with grilled steak, onions, fresh avocado and cheese.  I squeezed fresh lime juice over the meat and dug in.  This was a huge, freshly baked roll and out of this world.

My honey could not resist the meat on this spit so he ordered the house tacos.

These three tacos were the best he had ever had.  Fresh slices of seared pork with onions, avocado, lettuce and cheese all on fresh tortilla.  A piping hot dish, freshly made.  Perfect.

All of this food, to include the drinks came to less then $17.00.  We ate like rock stars.  If you ever in Cancun and want to experieince real local board of fare, then this should be one of your first stops.  You will not be disappointed.

Stay warm my friends.  Sea Witch


Cindy said...

awesome looking, neat place!

alice said...

We here in Texas are really cold too! Wishing we were in Jamaica. We were in Playa Del Carmen in 1996. The cold snap was all the way down in Mexico! It was the coldest vacation ever! We wore the same jeans, long sleeve shirt and our sun dresses over jeans. We were quite the fashion statement!
smiles, alice

Jacque said...

Morning Witch...YUM-O, I love me some Mexican food. That really does look good. I am enjoying reading all about your trip. I know you needed a little R&R. is colder than a WITCH's ___, but it's MY feet that can't seem to get warm. You should see the "get up" I am wearing around the farmhouse (fuzzy, warm, multi-layers). I didn't know this place had/has so many cracks but the boisterous wind has certainly found them all. The snow/ice just keeps hanging around but hopefully, it will melt soon. BUT one thing good about it all is that I am curling up on the couch with lots of goodies and catching up on movies.

Have a warm Sunday.

Trixie@ the vintage bothy said...

Hi Seawitch
I have been to the US twice, once to Florida for a free holiday with a friend and my then very young teenangel and once to NYC, when he was a chorister and he sang in a number of churches, on eon 5th Avenue.
The best food that we had was due to jetlag chinese takeaway at 3am (NY), Mexican at a roadside cafe whilst driving between NY and Richmond Virginia, and then some long cooked shredded pork and beans and vegetables out towards Charllotesville, somewhere (my cousin took us where the Locals eat) fantastic!
My mouth is watering looking at the lovely tacos, even though I have just eaten good old English sheperds pie.
The teenangel went out to the outer banks in the Carolinas last year and said that I would love it, he didn't mention the food, I would like to find out one day, maybe it's where I could buty my ideal home?! Tracey

Thewhimsicalchick said...

YUM just YUM!