Monday, January 11, 2010

Monkey head and sheet music.

Some weird finds this weekend. The cold kept most places closed or with a lot of empty tables.  Even the Goodwill's were low on merchandise.  Just to cold for too many folks right now. Still, I came across some "interesting items".

Blue Dog Love art book and my personal favorite, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, but what makes these books special ... they are both authographed by the author.  Signed copies always bring good prices.  And a Ever Ready vintage flashlight that still works when you put in a fresh set of batteries.

Lovely vintage sheet music with great titles and cover sheets and of course, music.
Most are from the 1920s

I have a passion for original art, and this nice oil on canvas on a board is lovely.  Thick with paint, it has a wonderful impressionistic look. Great old Watt mixing bowl and some vintage locks, kazoo and a blue devil, lead figurine.

I also like "thunder mugs" or chamberpots.  This one is in perfect condition and has lovely transferware patterns all round it.  I have to assume that the manufacturer knew what they were doing when they used "sweet smelling roses" on the chamber pot.  Found a bowl of faux green apples that look like the real thing and an interesting arithematic toy that actually works.

A pretty Nativity set that at first glance appears like Llardo porcelian. but it is not.  Soft blues and taupes make this so pretty and the figureines are well crafted.  But this makes the third Nativity set I have come across missing Joseph.  Mary's husband is just as important to this family unit, especially since Jesus himself is known as a carpenter and a carpenter's son.  He would have learned this skill from his father, Joseph.  I'm beginning to wonder if this is done deliberately.  I certainly hope not.

Oh, yes and the monkey head.  This  has an old world look to it and has a big tassle.  It is so out there with just enough creep factor that I had to get it.  Old photos from the Depression'um, a vintage tin washboard for a child in wonderful shades of pink and blue and a coblat blue advertising dish. 

So for a bitter cold weekend, I still found some interesting things.  Got to get my Valentines items together this week as well, but it is too cold for me to hunt for them in the garage, sigh.   Hopefully, it will warm up by the weekend.  Have a great Monday everyone.  Sea Witch


Kathleen said...

OMG I hate monkeys, so that monkey head is just too weird. I love the nativity set...where do suppose Joseph takes off too?? Love the oil painting, and the bowl. You found some great stuff. Hope you are staying warm, and cozy Hugs, Kathleen

alice said...

I think you did good! There are a bunch of goodies to be had! The yellow bowl,the oil painting and the arithematic toy. I could probably use the math help now!
smiles, alice

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

You find such interesting things! The books would be the first thing I'd want to buy. I visited the Blue Dog artist Rodrigue's shop in New Orleans a few years ago -- his paintings are so colorful!

I have a theory as to why Joseph may be missing from many nativity sets. There has been a urban legend that if a person has trouble selling their house they should bury a statue of St. Joseph in the yard and it will then miraculously sell. I actually know people who did this. It sounds sacrilegious to me, but some desperate people will try anything.

I'm so amazed your Mom & Dad knew Gerritsen Beach! It is such a little hamlet in Brooklyn. Did your Mom grow up there? I live a few miles away from the area.

Dawn said...

Hit, glad you stopped by. Enjoyed checking out your blog. Lots of fun stuff here!