Friday, January 8, 2010

BRRRRRR, this Sea Witch is freezing her tail off.

Good morning everyone.  Doesn't happen often, but we received a little snow last evening...along with a thin layer of moisture so it is now ice everywhere.  Although, not as lovely as the photos of snow kissed landscapes as offered by A New England Life, or MayGreen Fairies, or Vintage Bunny I had to share my sad little snow photos only because we just don't see it that often here in Georgia.

Taken about 5:30 am this morning.  Had to let Kota out for his morning constitutional and to bark at his doggie friend across the fence.

Oh, how I look forward to breakfasts out on the desk with my honey as soon as spring arrives.  We live on the deck most of the year watching the squirrels and the rest of nature roll by.  Around May, I even blow up the bright green baby pool and fill with water.  Not so much for the grandchildren who stop by but because this Sea Witch and her honey will drop our big, beautiful bottoms in it and cool off.  Nothing like a good book, a cold drink and someone you love next to you in a baby pool.  All good, I tell ya.  So stay warm and wishing you a lovely weekend.  Sea Witch


Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

We haven't seen snow yet. Thought it might happen last night here in little ol'NC, but nope.
You cracked me up about you and your honey in the baby pool. Hilarious!
My kinda people!

Thewhimsicalchick said...

Dari, Be safe today. Enjoy the snowflakes! Don't let that 16 degrees freeze your mermaid tail!!!!!Love ya

Barb said...

Hi Dari,

While the pictures are beautiful, a mermaid without a tail is not.
Stay warm my friend.

big hugs,

littlebyrd said...

Your snow is beautiful! It is so exciting when you don't get it often and then it comes :)
Haver a great weekend.

Chris said...

We had about that much in our part of California a couple of weeks ago. Fun to look at, but so glad I don't live where it snows regularly! (I am solar powered! *Ü*)

Take care! Chris

Joyce said...

Peaking at your blog this AM. I would be out of the house but since we have ice here in Atlanta I am being held hostage inside and was jumping around blog land. Not sure where you are in GA but this weather is for the birds. We were in Hilton Head last weekend and it was so cold there we turned around and drove back here. I need hot sun on my face and hot sand on my feet:) Stay warm.

Mylittlecornerofga said...

OMG! I think I get it now....I added myself to your blog. Dude, this isn't that hard! Sorry to hear that you didn't get that much snow either...:(

Kathleen said...

I feel so bad for your part of the country. Here in Maine, we are used to it, know it's coming, and can deal with it. My sister lives in Florida, and is worried her pipes are going to freeze. I sure hope this cold snaps ends for you soon. Try to stay warm, Sea Witch! Hugs, Kathleen

The Charm House said...

Dari, Isn't it funny how we get so excited about the least amount of snow! I am also freezing here in Monroe! I have the "chill" in my bones and it will not leave!
Hope all is well!

SharDon Exclusives said...

Dari, my feet are absolutely freezing! Don't ya' know the gals up north think we are real idiots for talking about the "snow storm"...tee hee It is so unusual for us that the kids are excited just seeing it come down. No school and just a sciff of snow. When we "GA gals" meet in the spring it will be fun to hear all the stories. I am hopin' you will all get the news out about our Spring Fling Adventure!!!
One more day closer to spring...

Jacque said...

I am LOL getting the mental picture of you and your honey sitting in that kiddie are so funny!

Have a good one.