Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Birthday wishes to Jacque

Hello everyone.  Today is Jacque's birthday, you will know her best from Campagene Maison. 
Please stop by her blog and leave birthday wishes.  Jacque, of course, is ageless, but what fun it would be if the number of comments totaled or out numbered her age today.  You can access Campagene Maison by clicking on the link above.

I discovered Jacque's blog early on when I first began to blog and she has become a wonderful cyber friend.  Her blog, Champagne Maison, has been a source of delight and friendship to me.  So, dear Jacque, I wish you the happiest of birthdays today.

It's not yellow roses, but there is something about dangling crystals from a birthday cake that you have got to just love.

And of course, let's also have Eiffel Tower cake in honor of your love of all things french.  Ms. Antoniette would be pleased and as her history has noted, "Let them (us) eat cake."  Happy Birthday delightful woman!  Sea Witch


Chris said...

What a very nice idea, Sea Witch! Jacque is one of my favs too! Aren't blog friends just the best?

Great cakes!

Jacque said...

OMG...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! YOU are so sweet to say all those wonderful things about me! YOU have made me blush...LOL...I am totally in love with both of those cakes..

I, like Chris, agree that BLOG FRIENDS are some of the greatest friends in the world! It must be the gift of blog that we all share. will take LOTS of comments to equal my age...

Thanks bunches Dari...this was really a surprise and totally unexpected...AND has made me very happy!

Barb said...

Hi Sea Witch,
What a lovely Jacque post. i am A day late but heading over.

Your trip sounds so lovely. Beautiful photo's!
Have a very blessed New Year. I am so excited about 2010.

big hugs,