Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fabulous giveaway from Enchanted Revelry

Okay, Okay, I'm going to announce this fabulous giveaway from Enchanted Revelry only because I must be entered in his drawing twice by doing so. Frankly, I don't want anyone else to enter the drawing because I WANT TO WIN IT!!!!! 

Yes, my blantant selfishness is showing, but and I mean a really big but, if you see the fabulous artists tools and paints and kits and papers and surprises Tristan is giveing away, you would...or at least I hope you would...forgive me for wanting to keep this giveaway all to myself.

Enchanted Revelry is one of my favorite bloggers.  Tristan's postings are so joyful and full of color that you will also become an instant fan.  Please click on the link above, or just click HERE to leave a comment and enter his 300th post giveaway.  It is a doozie!  Sea Witch


Fragrant Liar said...

Okay. But what's up with the devil children?

FrenchBlue said...

I hope you win it too! You SO deserve it!! If you don't we may have to tell the sharks to go get it anyway for you! Have fun my witchy little sea friend!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment.x.

Barb said...

Hi Dari,

Thank you so much for praying for my sweet MIL.
She is a treasure! She stopped chemo a while ago and the Dr's didn't think she would hold on this long. God is good!

The chocolate shop is amazing. If I ever get to your neck of the woods, that is on my short list.


Javajune said...

Will you ever forgive me if I enter the drawing? BTW thanks so much for the info about the fan skeletons. I have wondered about them for a long time. It's nice to have friends in the know. I hope you win the drawing, well that is if I don't win. he hee!