Friday, January 29, 2010

That's TWO, TWO, two mentions in one day.

Hello everyone.  Imagine my surprise when I ran down my daily blog reading list and I found me, Yes, ME...the Sea Witch mentioned in a post on two of the blogs that I follow.  The Adventures of GingeyGinge

and  Domestic Witch. 

Let me start with The Adventures of Gingey Ginge, a visually faboosh blog devoted to pinups and entertainment icons.  Gingey finds some of the most beautiful photos of the silver screen greats along with the most extensive array of pinup gals I have ever seen. 

 I adore pinups old and new and Gingey has so many delightful pics and many I have not seen before.  This is a visually feel good blog and if you have never visited Gingey's Adventures then you must do so.  I had only recently discovered her blog and immediately sent her one of the pin-up brooches that I make and sell.  If there was ever a woman who should have a pinup brooch it is Gingey.  She very sweetly snapped her photo wearing the brooch and posted it on her blog today.  Thank you Gingey for your sweet post.

On to Domestic Witch.  I have also recently found this blog and I love the Domestic Witch's wit and wisdom from this very "Bewitched" type woman.  I think Samantha Stevens every time I visit.  Today's posting consisted of "Things that make her purr".  With a title post like that I was already teased into stopping by and there among

  • Twilight & New Moon Soundtracks

  • Robert Downy, Jr

  • My Pretty Pink Ipod Nano

  •  Michigan Cherry Coffee  
was ME!  Yes, the Sea Witch.  What a wonderful surprise to see that my blog was a "purrfect" way to spend a few minutes.  I am flattered Domestic Witch and I thank you for your shout out.

I so enjoy the blogging community for many reasons, but my personal favorite is the opportunity to meet so many unique and interesting people through this venue.  I look forward to reading your voices and hearing about your lives and all of the talents you share with us each and every day.  I thank both Gingey and Domestic for making me feel like the Queen of the Sea with your special posts.  Sea Witch


Kathy-Catnip Studio said...

King Neptune has nothing over you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for thanking me,have a wonderful weekend you deserve it...x

Cindy said...

I'm not a bit surprised! Awesome! I'm heading over to check out their blogs now.

Jacque said...

Hey Witch...that's GREAT!! I know it makes you feel good when other people appreciate you. I know it excites me!

Have a great weekend. We are bunkered down for the snow storm. Looks like a long weekend for me.

Thanks for sharing your good news!

C.J. said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, as for the music I put it wayyyyyyyyy down at the bottom so not every one has to hear it. I am going to follow your blog, love your layout, i am so new at this that I am surprised that anyone reads it. lol Take care, Carol

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

They were well deserved mentions Sea Witch! It's always nice to get recognition. Enjoy..and have a good weekend!

Dawn Marie Howard said...

hee hee you pretty little ears must have been ringing yesterday!

Dawn Marie Howard said...

You know that before and after post you made with the beautiful gothic frame, can you remember where in the world wide web you found that naked woman on the broom? I'm in love with her!

deb christensen said...

you shouldn't be surprised! your blog is one of my faves to visit, you always share such great things & places with us! with the added bonus of very wonderful mermaids!!!

Thewhimsicalchick said...

I am watching the Grammys tonight and I just realized the you look just like Stevie Nicks.
I just had to tell you that.
Love ya,