Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blog Header Friendships

These blogs I visit have become dear to me. Like grabbing a cup of hot "anything" and laughing with the neighbor across the fence, I cannot begin my day without these daily visits to you. You are my big box of Godiva chocolates and I want to taste each and every posting. I delight in your junkin finds, your new digital art tricks, the travels, the recipes, the day to day minutia of your lives. You have unwittingly become my cyber family and I want to thank you for this gift.
White Linen/Lavender Field recently showcased a nifty little tool that creates a mosaic right before your eyes...thank you WLLF ( What a neat little bloggie tool to use and it's FREE. ( While test driving the mosaic maker, I decided to utilize graphic headers from some of my favorite blogs that I follow. You have all inspired me and surround my life with delight. Do you recognize your header? If you do, leave a quick comment, I am always fascinated by who stops by.


Barb said...

Good morning my friend,

What a lovely surprise! I was going to check emails and thought I'd take a blog peek. You are a sweetie.

I love your header. I am a water person too but I like to keep my feet on the bottom. I use picnik for mosaics, etc. They have a free version that really is wonderful.

Hugs to you,

P.S. you made my day with your post.

Jacque said...

WOW...i like it! You did a great job on that mosaic. YES, I see the farmhouse. Thank you for thinking about me. I will check out that website, thanks for telling us all about it.

FrenchBlue said...

Beautiful~ I can see underwater and see my shell there~ I love how you put all us sea creatures together in one famile! You did a great job! Thanks for the website, I am going to go see now!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a sweet surprise! You are my frequent visit to the sea or at least the next best thing. Love your new blog header and the lamp. I love the mosaic, big huge labs is a fun freebee. I will be thinking of you as I walk the shores of the Oregon coast later this month.

The Feathered Nest said...

Dear sweet SW, I'm so very honored to be included in your mosaic!!!! And with so many wonderful others too ~ The beautiful lampshade was SO meant to be yours...and looks lovely as a backdrop for your banner, thank you always for stopping by to see me dear friend! xxoo, Dawn