Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A $2.02 frame transformed.

So, you take a big, brown plastic frame and remove the faded print.
Spray paint the frame satin black. When dry, pour a little white acrylic paint in a paper plate and add a little water to thin. Sponge thinned white paint on one side of the frame and then wipe away excess with an old t-shirt or dishtowel. Repeat on all four sides to give the frame a dusty look.

After frame dries, add a Halloween type print of your choice. I downloaded and printed these out from public domain sites. What a fun way to decorate for Halloween this year with a Gothic looking frame and your favorite witch.

Snow White witch with basket of apples and her crow.

I adore Victorian pin ups. This lovely witch looks wonderful in this transformed frame.

So, check your favorite thrift store or Good Will for ugly frames and transform them into Gothic pieces perfect for Halloween decorating. They are inexpensive and what fun to give them a new look and a holiday purpose.


Anonymous said...

Hey chickadee!!
Arent transforming frames addictive?! I cant stop doing them lol. Love the victorian witch! big hugs


seanymph said...

Good idea......love the second picture tho :)

Christine Edwards said...

Your thrift store makeover totally rocks! I was checking out Goodwill last week for some frames and was suprised that a lot of them were $15 for an 11x14 size. I certainly didn't see anything cool like yours.

Anonymous said...

I will be keeping my eye open in the future!
Thanks! :)

Dawn Marie Howard said...

OMG those are so wonderful!! I'd hang them in my house year round!