Sunday, September 6, 2009

Asheville Saturday Fun

A wonderful Saturday full of fun in Asheville. Started the morning off with a trip to the Tobacco Barn, Asheville’s largest antique warehouse. If you are looking for big items or wrought iron, this is the place to visit. Lots of antique items mixed with new and reproduction so if you are looking for the genuine article, make sure you do your homework before purchasing here. Prices vary from dealer to dealer, but there are great buys on the wrought iron garden pieces. You can spend hours looking through the aisles an aisles of items located here. I did walk away with a few treasures and will post about those later in the week.

Aisles and aisles and aisles!

Large angel statue.

This wrap around settee is identical to the one our family had in New Jersey. Brought back wonderful memories.

Had to shoot a photo of the mermaid.

These really cool lenses are from stop lights.

Yes, this is skeleton in a coffin but not a spooky display but one for a funeral home.

Spectacular twig chandelier.

Lovely Persian carpets.

Sweet little porcelain birds.

From here we traveled to the historic downtown area of Asheville. Lovely revitalized city. The artist community came in and purchased up most of the old buildings and repurposed them into eateries and galleries. The Woolworth building is a spectacular gallery along with the Kress building. We had lunch at the Beir Garden Tavern and had a pastrami fusion sandwich. Thick slices of pastrami smothered with monteray jack cheeses and sweet peppers on toasted marble rye. Excellent. Next stop, The Chocolate Fetish, Asheville’s premier chocolate shop.
Purchased a few truffles with exotic names at $2.00 a piece (felt like I was purchasing shots at this price). They were tasty, but frankly overpriced for what was offered.
Asheville is a dog town and you have lots of folks walking with their leased pets. It was wonderful to see so many dogs around the city…very much like Germany and their communities.
Saw a sign that said Purl’s and had to stop in. I have been knitting since I was 7 and couldn’t resist the call of the designer yarns hanging in the window. .

Looking into the window, I see a small basket with a tiny dog sleeping in it and surrounded by the yarns. That sealed the deal…had to go inside. I asked about the sweet baby in the window and the dog’s name is “Merino”…like the sheep.

Sweet Merino likes to sleep in a basket and watch everyone walk by.

Lovely shop with incredible yarns and full of color. Purchased something for myself and a Christmas gift for someone I care for. If you are in Asheville and love to knit, you must stop by Purl's and say hello to Merino

We continued to walk around the city and on every corner there was someone playing an instrument. I love street performers and Asheville had someone playing bluegrass, R&B or acoustical guitar everywhere you turned. Temps began to soar so headed back to the hotel and took a dip in the pool before supper. Following dinner we headed out to the movies to see “Inglorious Bastards” the latest Quentin Tarentino flick. If you can get past the in your face violence, the film was superb. Excellent script, interesting story and take on history “what if” and visually well executed.

All in all we had a busy and fun Saturday. Will post our Sunday adventures as soon as I can get the photos transferred from my digital. Sea Witch


sassytrash said...

Looks like such a fun trip!! Great stuff in the warehouse...I want it all! I love to come across places like that, but never have enough room to transport the huge pieces I want.

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

I have been there twice and loved it both times!! I scored a few great pieces each visit. Now did you by chance make it over to the Screen Door Antiques right acorss town, LOVED that place, my all time favorite!! You need to make a visit to The Sleepy Poet in Charlote. it is over 50,000 aq feet of chippy rusty junk finds!! Tootles, Janna

seanymph said...

What great stuff! I want that mermaid. She would look so cute sitting at the edge of my pool. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow can i come and visit you?!? I would love to go to all the places you go to! big hugs


paperbird said...

Hello Sea Witch- what a pretty blog you have, I love the beautiful art on the sidebars and your music is great.
Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. So nice to meet you.

paperbird said...

PS. The shop looks amazing, did you buy the mermaid?

Ana said...

Sounds like you had a full day and lots of fun. My Sunday consited of pets a bee sting and a skunk. :-0 I think I don't have to say more. Just wanted to wish you a wonderful Monday!

♥Ana~A Petite Cottage

Christine Edwards said...

Wow, what an amazing antique place, lots of wonderful and interesting things. I would stop and pet Merino too, and I don't even knit. :-) My sister and hubby have purchased retirement property near Asheville, so I'm sure we'll be visiting at some point.