Thursday, September 10, 2009

Smoky Mountains - Apple Orchard

Wanted to finish up our road trip this week and get it posted. On Sunday we drove through the beautiful Smoky Mountains and into the Blue Ridge Mountains. A lovely ride that took us through vast scenic beauty. Incredible blue mountains all framed by wild flowers from the road, I could have stopped at every overlook and snapped pictures.

Overlook Ridge around 10:00 am. Still sleepy looking with muted pine green shades.
Why it is called the Smoky Mountains. The precipitation remains stationary in the range and the rain clouds hang like smoke.
By noon, the sun was up and the mountains began to take on the rich blue color as we entered the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Wild flowers grow all along the side of the overlook areas. I love the contrasts of the yellow against the blue mountains and sky.

Wild mountain flowers against the Blue Ridge Mountains and sky.

I noticed this stone stairway leading up to a trail while returning to the car from another photo session. Has such a middle earth quality about it.

Yes, a yard sale at the base of the mountains. Now you are talkin. Found a few treasures that will go into the shop this weekend.
On Monday, we continued our trip on state roads rather than the Interstate and drove through the little town of Ellijay. My honey say the sign for Hillcrest Orchards and we pulled in. As a hunter from up north, he romances the fall season by sharing how he loved to stop for fresh pressed apple cider, fresh picked apples from the tree and of course, hot cider donuts.

Hillcrest Orchards did not fact they must be very well known as their parking lot was filled with folks coming and going...all carrying out big bags of apples.

We grabbed a big bag and filled it to capacity with Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and my favorite, Granny Smith. Their sign says, no half filled bags...they want you to squeeze as many as you can in your bag to take home and enjoy. Filled a smaller bag of Granny Smith for my sister as well.

We went to the sample table to taste some of the harvest. There is nothing like freshly picked fruit off the tree. So rich in flavor.

This little guy welcome you as you entered the store.

My honey grabbed a bag of freshly made hot cider donuts covered in sugar. They looked and smelled heavenly. I'm not a sugar eater so I asked the woman at the counter if they had donuts without the sugar coating. She went in the back and brought me out a bag of "hot, out of the fat" donuts in a white bag. I thought I had died and gone to donut serving heaven. Had to take a picture of the white bag with the translucent look of the donut showing through. Only thing missing was a cold glass of milk but that did not stop me from eating two of them as we headed down the road towards home.

My sweetie in the stocks at Hillcrest Orchard...was he caught stealing apples? I am crazy about this man! So this brings an end to our lovely 4 day trip to Asheville and outlying communities. We had such a wonderful time. Thanks for stopping by. Sea Witch


Linda K. said...

Had to chuckle a little when I saw your guy in stocks! I long for my home state and fall! We use to go to the local apple orchards and come home with a bundle of things.
I must have been born on the sea also, I love anything to do with the water. My dad use to take us swimming at Smyrna beach in Florida when were kids, (he was in the Navy for many years.) There is something alluring and calming about the ocean, any mass of water for that matter.
Thanks so much for stopping by WLLF and leaving your encouraging words, they meant more than you know.
Many Blessings,

Jacque said...

Hubbie must have been in a mell of a hess...what did he do wrong? LOL

Aren't the Smokie Mountains to die for? I love them! You sure took some gorgeous pictures up there.

Looks like your trip was full of fun and lots of treasures. I hope you have returned refreshed and ready to take on the world!

Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

seanymph said...

Looks like it was a fun trip. I remember the Blue Ridge mtns from many yrs ago. I spend part of my honeymoon up there. Its a beautiful place.

Lori said...

your pictures look family moved to tennessee several years ago...and they have a great view of the smoky mountains from the lake at the end of their road...they really are quite majestic!!!

Christine Edwards said...

What a lovely trip through the Smoky and Blue Ridge Mountains...gorgeous scenery. The apples look so yummy, I'd might actually make a pie.