Friday, September 25, 2009

A million things

I may not seem busy, but I have a million things to do.

  • Purchase fabric for Halloween costumes for grandchildren
  • Price items for antiques booths
  • Take over and display priced items in antique booths
  • Traipsing around day with my sister tomorrow
  • Look for old doors with glass or screen doors for booth display
  • Construct booth display if I find the doors
  • kiss my honey
  • kiss my dog
  • clean the house (ewww)
  • pay bills (double ewww)
  • kiss my honey again
  • work on new blog
  • hopefully launch new blog this weekend
  • finish reading Twilight
  • work on knee brace covers...don't ask...just know a knee brace for a mermaid is not a good look
  • squeeze in time to produce some jewelry pieces
  • try and get this all accomplished on a weekend before my next work week begins

As I look at this list I realize how blessed I am to have such a rich and full and somewhat out of control life.

I think I will go kiss the dog and my honey again and wish everyone their own rich and full and blessed life. Sea Witch


FrenchBlue said...

Your life sounds just like mine!! And they really do think I have all the time in the world!! Great post!
Try to have a restful weekend and kiss your honey and dogs lots and lots~

FrenchBlue said...


I LOVE you songs! Catch the wind is my favorite ever~~


Barb said...

I have been catching up with you.
A knee brace for a mermaid. Doesn't sound good.

Have a wonderful weekend. Just keep kissing that honey of yours and the pup too!

Tomorrow my honey comes back home. Can't wait.


Jacque said...

Hi Witch...somehow I bet you manage to get all the things on your list done before you start back to work on Monday AND sneak another little kiss in for the honey!

Looking at that pic makes me chuckle--LOL....

Thewhimsicalchick said...

How's my wonderful Mermaid girlfriend? It's been awhile since I have seen you. Miss you girl. I thank you for all your sweet posts on my blog. You are a true friend. I know people like you will stay in my life for ever. Love ya girl!!! Kiss the dog for me too!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Busy times are happy times! I'm curious to see your new blog ...good luck with it!