Monday, September 14, 2009

Elvis is in the kitchen

Or rather Elvis is in my sister's kitchen. Sis wanted to replace her existing blinds with cafe curtains for the window over her kitchen sink. She also wanted to retain her privacy but allow light into the kitchen. So she asked if I would help her pick out a retro fabric and show her how to make cafe curtains. So we took off for local fabric stores. Looked at several different retro designs but nothing seemed to say, "Take me home." But then, a bolt of cloth in a shade of 1950's diner aqua beckoned her over. Could it be, yes the perfect fabric for a retro kitchen.

Photos of Elvis from the 1950's. How fun is this cotton fabric for kitchen cafe curtains!

So, out comes the sewing machine and the ironing board. Sis follows my instructions for cafe curtains and in a few hours, she has slipped the golden cafe rings onto the fabric and slid the rings on to her extension rod and has hung her new Elvis curtains. These will also go well with the Elvis candy tins I give her every Christmas.

Great job, sis. Elvis would be proud and asks that you fry him up a peanut butter sandwich.
Now while Elvis was being hung in the kitchen, I was running errands and I came across this pack of Huskie puppies at a stop light. I couldn't resist their sweet faces so I chirped at them and they looked over at me and started to puppy howl. Sweet babies. Sometimes you can come across the neatest things at the most unusual places if you are open to looking around.

Have a hunka hunka burning love day, everyone. Sea Witch


FrenchBlue said...

Oh how special! SO retro for sure! I can see Elvis sitting at her table having a grilled cheese or maybe pancakes & eggs:)

misselaineous said...

Cute Elvis retro...why do I suddenly have a craving for a PB&Banana sandwich?? Hope your week is going well. *elaine* {ps...swim on over to Love2...think you'll be glad you did :o}

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Those Elvis are such fun curtains! So unexpected and colorful,

The pups are cute ..wonder where they were going?

Miss Jean said...

came to your site while searching for Elvis fabrics to make a quilt for my dh. do u remember the name of this fabric or the designer or anything that might help me find it? I don't have a design planned yet, just know it has to be Elvis so I don't know how much I need but I love this one. could I buy your scraps????? btw, love the music.