Friday, September 4, 2009


My honey and I had a lovely, meandering road trip to Asheville, NC. No rush, no time to be anywhere in particular, just drive the state roads and enjoy the scenery. Not one to just sit in the car, I had my knitting bag with me and began knitting a beret to sell this winter. When the air starts to get "fallish" the need to spin yarn and knit calls and I must pick up my needles. There is something wonderful about hand knitted items.
Black wool with multi-color giant boucle will make a pretty beret.

We pulled into our hotel and we parked next to a group of Goldwing motorcycles. My honey used to own a Goldwing and immediately was reminiscing about his. I noticed all of the American flags and the POW flags and saw that this was part of a group who were Vietnam war vets belonging to Airborne and Ranger units. As my son wears the tabs of the Airborne and Ranger, and presently with the 173rd, I have a kinship with these former soldiers.

On the front plate of the first bike was this tribute to Playboy's favorite playmate and the 117th Warlords. I don't know if this cartoon figure is still found in the magazine, but she is the original kooky blonde and it brought me back to the 1960s when I saw her.

Thank you for your service, gentlemen and continue to ride safe.

We decided to have dinner at a local restaurant that was highly recommended by the front desk supervisor. Frankly, the meal was institutional at best but the soup saved the meal.

Fantastic tomato bisque was rich, creamy and full of flavor.

Ditto for the french onion soup. Loaded with onions, rich broth, and plenty of gooey cheese. Factor in the basket of fresh sour dough bread and life was good.
Until tomorrow's blog, have a wonderful evening. Sea Witch


Jacque said...

Hey Witch...sounds like a fun trip! Lots of "hubby and me" time. I am jealous...when things ever "settle" down here at the farmhouse--Asheville, NC and BILTMORE ESTATE--here I come!

Hope you have a great weekend. Can't wait to see more pics and hear all about it! BE SAFE!

Christine Edwards said...

Enjoy your weekend in Asheville...looking forward to seeing more from your trip.