Monday, September 28, 2009

Touchup, WHAT!!!, Disaster!

So, it was a late, Sunday afternoon made perfect for getting around to doing a touch up (cover up) of my white and gray hair. I'm a natural blonde with chlorine/sun bleached hair from all of my pool/ocean time so about every 4 months I will do a honey blonde recolor to cover the faster then ever incoming grey and soften the harsh bleached tone the water does to my hair.

Have been doing this for years now since the first grey hairs started to appear, what could possibly go wrong? Picked up a box of my favorite Loreal, cool ash blonde color for the cooler months since my summer tan is disappearing.

Again, no change here other than the process. I purchased their "Excellence to Go," 10 minute recolor that is supposed to be less harsh than their other products. Color number was identical to what I have purchased from Loreal for this color tone and I have always liked the results.

Well in 10 minutes I went from this

TO THIS!!!!!!!

This was a lovely color, but not for my light skin tones. I looked like a washed out sea hag wearing a chocolate wig. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. I even went to my honey and said that it would be like sleeping with another woman tonight! He wasn't buying it either. LOL. This was not my color at all. Unfortunately, the Loreal hot line is not available on weekends so I was in a panic, especially after reading the reviews other "victims" have posted about this Loreal product -

So, what do you do on a Sunday evening at 5:20 pm to try and fix this? I googled like crazy different solutions and then ran to my local Sally Beauty Supply (the women inside are hair goddesses) and they hooked me up with Color Zap. This gently removed all of the newly applied color and lucky me, returned my hair to a nice golden blonde.
So thankfully, I won't have to recolor at this point. My honey is happy that his "blonde bomber" is back and I'm glad not to look like death warmed over with a color that was too dark for my skin tones. So what started out a nightmare, ended up better than I could have hoped for thanks to the gal at Sally's Beauty Supply. Sea Witch


Ana said...

I'm so glad that your story had a happy ending. I can only imagine your shock and face when you first saw your dark hair. :-O
You must admit though, it was a little funny. Anyways, glad everything turn out fine. Have a wonderful Monday you "blonde bomber" ;-D


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

That is why I don't trust myself to do my color ..I go to my local salon every four weeks and they mix it up and apply it ands then give every me a trim and blow dry. I read magazines and learn all the latest gossip. It really is one of my small pleasures. It helps that they aren't overpriced for this's all done for $40!

Kathleen said...

I do color my own hair, and I appreciate the warning and info. I use the L'oreal excellence cream, and it does a great job. I read some of those shocking that this product is still on the market. Hugs, Kathleen

misselaineous said...

HEY Blondie!!! So happy you were able to fix your "disaster". It's stories like this that have kept me from ever coloring my hair...well, never if you don't count the horrific experience with some kind of weird spray-on-streak stuff in the 70's. Katie talked me into it...sprayed, went to the beach, then home to bathe, ended up with green streaks, & so did Katie { she got the cool nick-name of Green Haired Katie ala "Green Eyed Lady"...I just got odd looks for several weeks!} My motto? My Gray's Alright By Me! LOL *elaine*

Jacque said...


Happy the girls at Sally's were able to help you out. Bet your hubbie was too!!

Have a great week, Witch...(I love the way that sounds...LOL)

Anonymous said...

Oh, now I'm scared! I'm spending salon money on Ebay and at Flea markets this last year...tolerating the little bit of gray. I hate sitting still in a salon being offered tea or an espresso. Sooner or later, though I'm going to have to reach for the box. First the shark...then this...scary! Trish